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Gunjan Saxena Netflix Overview

Gunjan Saxena Netflix: Finally, Janhavi Kapoor starer Gunjan Saxena is going to release on Netflix on 12th August 2020, if you are planning to watch the movie and confused about the few things here is the guide for you, it would solve most of Your questions.

Release Time

The movie would release on Netflix on 12th August 2020 at 2:45 Pm in the Noon, the movie would be available on Netflix worldwide in Hindi audio along with the English subtitles.

Parents Guide

The movie is a U Rated movie, so You can watch it with Kids and Family without any issues, the movie doesn’t have any disturbing or any such scenes that can be uncomfortable, The movie can be watched along with the Family and Kids. The movie is a complete family Entertainer.

Should You Watch it?

The movie is receiving good response from the critics as well as the movie analyst, the movie is a complete family entertainer and it’s a perfect movie to watch on independence day weekend, we would update the review on our blog very soon.

The movie is about the First Women Pilot in Indian Air Force, Gunjan Saxena, let me clear you, If you are thinking of some actions and drama like URI, you would not get anything like that in the movie, the movie is more focused on the initial Journey of the Gunjan Saxena.

The movie shows a great Bond of a Daughter and Father, the movie is inspiring and very much emotional, just to remind you, the movie also stars Pankaj Tripathi, Vineet Kumar along with Janhavi Kapoor.

A Full Review of the movie would be updated super soon on our Youtube channel and the website, stay tuned for that, Make sure to follow us on social media handles for faster news and updates regarding the web series and movies.

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