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Greek Salad, Salade Grecque Episode 2 : Recap & Ending Explained

Greek Salad Season 2 Recap & Ending Explained Prime Video: “Greek Salad” is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I am going to tell you the summary and ending explanation of episode 2 of the series Greek Salad. So let’s get started.

The episode starts with Guili calling the lawyer, who threatens the squatters (including Mia) that they should leave the building; otherwise, he will have to call the police. Mia and her group refuse to leave because, according to them, if a space is empty, they can use it, and it’s their right. Guili tells them that there is no such right and asks the lawyer to do something about it.

The lawyer says that he is a mere presenter of the property and might have to call the owner. However, Tom is the owner and he is present there already, signaling to the lawyer not to tell everyone about him being the owner. Mia doesn’t know until now that she is the owner of the building and refuses to leave with her group. The lawyer goes to call the police, and we can see that both Guili’s group and Mia’s group are not getting along.

The intro rolls and Tom goes to talk to the lawyer about the matter. He asks if the lawyer is renting the building illegally, to which the lawyer replies that he gave it to rent to pay the fees because Tom’s grandfather never took care of the building. The lawyer asks Tom to tell Mia that she is also the owner because he cannot sell it without her signature. Tom tells him that everything is so fast and complicated that he hasn’t been able to tell her yet. The lawyer asks him to do it ASAP because the buyer wants to buy it on Saturday. Tom asks the lawyer not to call the police on Mia and her group.

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Tom goes to talk to Mia and explains to her that he wants to sell his grandfather’s inheritance and needs her signature. She refuses by saying that she doesn’t want to handle her grandfather’s “shit.” As he was about to mention the building, he gets a call from his girlfriend, and Kristos asks Mia to go with him as something happened to one of their places. On the call, Lily, Tom’s girlfriend, mentions that Josh from their school is interested in their business and wants to put funds into it. Tom seems to hate Josh for some reason, but he’s happy that Lily managed to get a deal.

Kristos and Mia reach the location where some people have written things like “Go Home” to show that they hate squatters. Shadis, a member of their group, is angry about it, to and Mia tells him that they will take revenge. Kristos asks her not to make such promises as he doesn’t believe in “revenge.” As everyone is cleaning the place, Tom reaches Mia and tells her that she needs to sign it by Saturday as he wants it early.

He also mentions to her that the inheritance is a building, but Mia still shows no interest and tells him that she is not interested in his cause and that NGO is more important. They have a little fight about it, and Tom leaves.

We can see that the relationship between the Associate member and Guili is not going well, although it’s not much of a problem for Guili’s friends. Guili thinks Tom is responsible for everything, but Tom says that he will fix everything and comforts Guili, which is comforting. Tom goes to Mia’s place, but she is not there. He meets Kristos, and he thinks he might share the message with Kristos to reach Mia, but he leaves without saying anything.

At night, while Kristos and the others were sleeping, the same attackers who had attacked previously came again and broke things before leaving. In the morning, when everyone found out about it, Tom suggested canceling the presentation to save his people, but Mia told him not to cancel the presentation as she didn’t fear them, and they had been working towards it for weeks.

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Kristos was now upset with Mia, and when she confronted him, he told her that she was a child and confronted her about the inheritance. Kristos didn’t know that it was a building, and Mia accidentally told him about it, saying that she didn’t know about it when they were squatting. However, Kristos didn’t believe her and called her a liar, which led to revealing all of Mia’s lies to Kristos, making him even angrier.

Mia went to Tom to ask him why he wanted to ruin her life, and there she learned that the squatters wanted to use water and electricity illegally. Guili refused, but her group had no problem with it, so it eventually happened as the squatter said.

At night, Uncle William came to meet and help Tom. The lawyer joined him, and as Kristos was still upset with Mia, she also reached the party where they had a great time dancing. Mia decided that she would help Tom sell the building and would put the money towards the refugee cause. The next day, they both signed the paper, but as this was a pre-sales deal, they had to come and sign it again after 3 months. Mia refused and gave her attorney to Tom so that he alone could handle the matter.

The squatters prepared for the presentation of the demonstration where Tom reached to say a final goodbye to his sister. As we heard the speech in the demonstration about how the system needs to acknowledge refugees, at the same time, Guili was also giving a speech in her school about how the system needs to think about its people. As the Refugee Demonstration finished, suddenly, The Hater group came. Due to Shadi and Mia, both groups got into a fight which led the police to launch tear gas, leading everyone to run from there. Tom got injured.

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After coming into the building, Guili helped Tom, and while in the process, as they were about to kiss in that situation, suddenly electricity came back. Later everyone joined for dinner, including Mia and Kristos’ group. Tom joined them to say everyone goodbye before he left. There, Kristos blamed Mia for the fight earlier and revealed to everyone that Mia and Tom were the actual owners.

Tom revealed that he sold the building, and everyone had 3 months to find a new place. Disappointed by this, Mia broke up her relationship with Kristos. Now, as Tom was leaving the place for the airport, Mia got into his cab and told him that the NGO was on fire, and they had to reach there. They reached the place, and the episode ended.


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