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Greek Salad Salade Grecque Episode 1 : Recap & Ending Explained

Greek Salad Salade Grecque Episode 1 Recap & Ending Explained Prime Video: ‘Greek Salad’ is now available on Amazon Prime in French with English and Hindi subtitles. In this article, I am going to give you the Episode 1 Recap, summary, and ending explanation of the ending of the series, so let’s get started.

The episode starts with our main character, Tom, traveling to Athens to make his dream come true. He begins by saying a quote, ‘Even if you know the destination, you never know where you are going.’ Suddenly, we see him sleeping in his room when the police arrive and arrest everyone. While they are in the police van, Tom introduces himself and tells us about his sister and how their parents split up when he was 8 years old. His father lives in Paris, and his mother lives in New York.

They have a history of traveling back and forth to these locations for various personal reasons. Now, he is in Athens and is happy to see his sister after so long. As he is thinking about this, his sister, who is one of the arrested members in the van, starts attacking the policeman. Tom asks her sister to calm down and talks about how family is important in crucial times, and we get a flashback.

We are at the funeral of Tom’s grandfather, where everyone is present except Mia and their parents. They are upset about it and start fighting over it during the funeral. After that, Tom explains his startup with his girlfriend and how they need funds to his father and stepmother. His mother pulls him aside to talk about the inheritance of his grandfather, where it is revealed that Tom’s grandfather left them an old building in Athens for him and Mia. Tom says that he can sell the building and use the money to raise funds for his startup.

Tom takes a flight to Athens, where he meets his father’s friend, who Mia also happened to be living with. When Tom tells him that he wants to meet Mia, he says that she moved out a while ago. He tells Tom that he doesn’t know where Mia lives now, but she is working with an NGO, where Tom might find her.

Tom goes looking for her and finds her there. He finds out that she has a boyfriend, doesn’t like family, and has no interest in family businesses when Tom was about to explain to her about the building they own. Just when Tom was about to tell Mia about it more precisely, he suddenly gets a call from his mother, who tells him that he has an appointment with the lawyer in 5 minutes. Tom doesn’t get to tell her and has to leave for the appointment.

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At the meeting, the lawyer tells him that there is a buyer who is interested in buying the building for a great price, but to sell the building, Tom will need Mia’s signature as well. Tom informs the lawyer that Mia doesn’t like paperwork. After the meeting, Tom decides to visit the building where he meets ‘Giulia’ and finds out that she and her friends are already living in the building. Tom conceals the fact that he is the owner and tells them that he is looking for a room just like them.

Later, he meets up with his sister again, where he discovers that Mia actually works with an association that helps refugees find shelter. She also lives with them, and the reason she left their father’s friend’s house is that they slept together, and now he cannot bear it. While they were traveling to Mia’s place, she mentions Kristos, her boyfriend and leader of the association who inspired her to learn political science and move here. Tom also finds out that she has lied about her family and background with her boyfriend so that Kristos would eventually like her and get into a relationship with her.

Later that night, Kristos tells Tom how he thinks of himself as an anarchist who hates the system and wants to do what, according to him, the system is not capable of doing till now. As they were all partying, Tom meets Giulia again, who happens to be passing by with her friends. Both parties spend the night together, and the association learns that Giulia happens to have a place in a big building. Tom reveals that they all live on the upper floors, and the lower floors are currently unoccupied. When Mia asks how Tom knows about the unoccupied lower floors and people living on the upper floors, he tells her that he will explain later.

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Everyone returns to their places and falls asleep. Suddenly, the police raid the building and arrest everyone. Mia reveals that they squat in places for refugees and themselves, and we find ourselves back at the beginning of the episode. At the police station, Tom saves Mia by telling the officer that she is with him and they are going to sell a building, which the police confirm and leave them. When Tom’s father calls him, he lies about Mia and tells him that she lives in a big house with other people. He also lies to his mother and girlfriend, which makes him anxious. When he is confused about what to do, the old cafe owner, dressed as Socrates (the Greek philosopher), appears in Tom’s imagination and tells him that sometimes not knowing anything is also a good way forward. Tom’s phone then shows him the way, and he asks Giulia if he can live with her group.

That same night, someone breaks into the building, and when everyone reaches the door, it’s the refugee associated with Mia. The episode ends there.

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