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‘Obsession’ Episode 3: Recap & Ending Explained | Netflix

Obsession’ Episode 3: The First two episodes of the Netflix original Show Obsession were very interesting and audiences loved those episodes, As we are covering the episode wise recap of the show, Here goes the episode 3 Recap and Ending Explanation.

You can also check Episode 1 and Episode 2 Recap of the Netflix original show Obsession if you missed those;

The third episode of the show starts with Anna and Jay’s family having dinner at a restaurant. Farrow goes to the washroom, and Anna follows him. Anna warns Farrow that whatever happened in Paris shouldn’t be repeated again, or else she will not continue the relationship with him. Farrow agrees to that.

Farrow tells Anna that he is receiving some blackmail messages. Someone knows about them. Anna thinks it’s Peggy, but when she goes to ask her, Peggy denies it and says she never texted Farrow and she will never interfere in Anna’s life.

The next day, Jay hosts an engagement party to which everyone is invited. Anna’s mom meets Jay and says he looks like Aston. On the other hand, Farrow is still receiving messages. He gets another message that if he doesn’t tell the truth by the end of the party, the blackmailer will reveal it to everyone after the speech. Anna’s mother suspects that something is going on between Anna and Farrow, but Anna denies it.

Anna and Farrow meet at night, and William asks if whatever Anna’s mom was saying was right or wrong. Anna and William are intimate again in the garden of their home.

The next morning, when Anna and Selly were talking, Selly tells Anna that she thinks her dad is having an affair with someone. She also hands over the diary page that she found in Farrow’s pocket. Anna confronts that there is nothing like that and manages to convince Selly that Farrow is not having an affair with anyone.

The next day, Jay goes to Peggy’s office to know more about Anna as he has to prepare a speech for the marriage.

While everyone is busy with marriage preparations, Anna and William Farrow meet and are intimate many times. Just before the marriage, Jay and his father meet at a pub. During their conversation, William repeats Anna’s dialogue “You Need To Learn To Love The Questions.” Jay immediately remembers that these are Anna’s words. He asks his father where he heard it, and William replies, “From some poem.”

Jay realizes that something is wrong, and something is going on between Anna and his father. He follows his father on the train, and the episode ends here.

Episode 4 is going to be full of thrill and the Story is all set for the Climax, Now it will be interesting to see how the show ends.



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