Gerald Blanchard The Jewel Thief Now: One of the most intelligent and creative criminals in modern history is Gerald, whose docu-series is now streaming on HULU. Here, we are going to talk about him and his current whereabouts. If you want to know more about him, you can also watch the series. Now, let’s talk about him.

He was born in Canada in the year 1972 and later moved to Omaha with his sister and mother. His mother’s interview was also featured in the series, where she mentioned that he was a very quiet child during his childhood. She also said that if she had known he would become such a mastermind criminal, she would have scolded him or done something to prevent it.

Furthermore, she revealed that neighbors sometimes complained that he used to steal milk from them. He was always obsessed with banks, and since there was a bank very close to his house in Nebraska, he always thought of stealing money from there, as he mentioned in the series.

His criminal record was seen when he was 15 years old when he got arrested but was soon released after 3 months. At the age of 16, he brought $100,000 in his house. He also managed to escape from the police two times in the year 1997. The next year, he stole the most precious and rare jewelry from Vienna, which belonged to Queen Elisabeth of Austria. He didn’t stop there and continued to execute many big heists. Finally, in the year 2007, he was arrested in Egypt by the authorities.

The Jewel Thief: The Jewel Thief on Hulu: Who is Gerald Blanchard and what  did he do?


After his arrest, he confessed to all of his crimes and provided details on how he committed them. In court, he was sentenced to 164 years in prison. However, in the year 2012, he was released from prison. After his release, he wrote many things about his life in various books and videos.

Unfortunately, in the year 2017, he was arrested again for stealing PlayStations from a shop, and as of now, he is still in prison.



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