The Jewel Thief Movie Review: Hulu’s original film ‘The Jewel Thief’ is now streaming on Hulu. The film is based on True Events. The film is around 90 Minutes long and now streaming on Platform. Here I am going to review the film.

The story about the world’s most clever thief in modern history is now streaming on Hulu. The story is about Gerald Blanchard, who has been conducting heists since 1980 and manages to escape from the authorities every time. The police department took him seriously when the rare jewelry of Queen Elizabeth was stolen from Austria, and they finally caught him in 2009. In this article, we are going to review the docu-series, so let’s get started.

The total runtime of the series is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. The first half is about the backstory of the thief, showing how he spent his childhood and his time as a child. As a teenager, he used to steal milk from neighbors and many things from the nearby electronic store when he moved to Nebraska with his mother and sister.

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The director of the film is Landon Van Soest, and he has done a good job of portraying the character so cleverly. Gerald seems interesting and has a sense of humor, but the clips are edited in a way that the audience is not meant to like him throughout the series.

The next half of the series is about how he got married, traveled around the world, and continued to commit robberies and crimes. However, when he stole that rare jewel piece, that’s when his downfall began, and the authorities started looking for him. Overall, the series is a great one-time watch with a sharp runtime. You will not feel bored throughout the movie, and you will also see many interview clips from the real criminal and the police officers who worked on this case.


Here is my rating and review for the series. If you have watched this series, you can also share your reviews and the parts you liked in the series. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.



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