Gen V Episode 4: Gen V Episode 4 “The Whole Truth” has been released and a lot of crazy stuff happened in it. The ending was kind of abruptly cut as they didn’t want to show what happened at the end of episode 4, so they could show it in episode 5. I mean it was kind of a good move as the Episode already completed its runtime. Gen V Episode 4 “The Whole Truth” was around 40 minutes.

After Andre finds out about the Woods he asks Emma to go there to free Sam, as she can shrink. Emma went to the room where Sam was locked, she didn’t know that Sam’s room had cameras. Vought soldiers came to the room and tried to find Emma. Sam couldn’t do anything as the doctor put a device in Sam’s body that could give him an electrical shock if he didn’t collaborate. Emma jumped on that soldier’s body and killed him by going through his ears, as she was small. We see other soldiers coming to that room.

Episode 4 starts from The Woods where we see Dr. Cardosa and Dean Shetty. All the soldiers were dead, and Sam flew from that place with Emma. They thought that it was Sam who killed them. Sam is more powerful than his brother Luke. So it was kind of easy for him. Dean Shetty finds a small shoe in that place. Andre, Jordan, Marie and Cat find the tracker. Marie was angry with Andre as he didn’t do anything and sent Emma alone to that place. Emma and Sam are in an old closed theatre.

Vought sent Tek Knight, a supe to God U. They want to commercialize the death of Luke by creating a crime documentary on it, which is hosted by Tek Knight. Tek Knight has the power of super observation, he can know if you are lying or telling the truth by just observing your body language. Tek Knight is aware of The Woods and what is happening in the God U. He will just use a student and use him as the scapegoat of the crime. Dean Shetty tells Tek Knight to stay away from the Top 5 students in God U. Marie asks a psyche supe to find out about where Emma is currently. The supe tried to ra*e Marie, but Marie blasted his peni* by using her blood manipulation.

Tek Knight started interviewing Andre, Cate, and Jordan. Andre used to watch the films of his father and thought that his father was a real hero, but after his dad said to stay away from The Woods, he felt betrayed. Dean Shetty asks Marie about Emma, and she lies by saying she doesn’t know where she is. Tek then takes a special class, where he is going to be taught how to interrogate a person. He chose Marie to interrogate. Tek asks Marie about what happened on the day when Luke killed himself. Marie just says what she already said in the interview, but Tek catches her that she is lying. Marie then tells Tek that it was Jordan who fought Luke.

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Dean Shetty was unhappy about Marie telling the truth. Tek tells Shetty that he isn’t going to use any student as a scapegoat, so he will use her as the scapegoat. Tek also knows that Sam isn’t in the Woods, so Vought isn’t going to support her if Tek tells them the truth. Sam and Emma started to like each other as they were kind of the same. Sam has mental problems, he started seeing a TV Show. It might be his favorite TV show. The show tells that if he wants to end this running then he should kill Dr. Cardosa. Sam then tells Emma he is going to kill the doctor.

Dean Shetty asks Tek Knight to meet her alone. She doesn’t want to leave God U, so she blackmails Tek. Tek has the kink to have int%%rcourse with objects. Shetty has the video of him doing those stuff, so she blackmails him. She tells him to say that there is no one behind Luke, he lost his mental state and killed the Bourk.

Andre In Gen V

Emma tells Marie about Sam, and the team goes to Dr. Cardosa’s house. They tried to stop Sam but he was very powerful. Emma became taller by eating and then she stopped Sam. She asks Sam to stay calm as they will help him. The scene cuts from there and we see Marie and Jordan together in a bed.

What happened to Sam? Where is Sam Now?

Sam is safe somewhere, as at the end of episode 4 Sam stops fighting after Emma tells him. Sam and Emma might be hiding in that same old theatre. We might see Dr. Cardosa helping Marie, and others uncover more truth in the future because they saved him from Sam.



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