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Sam in Gen V : Powers, Who Plays? Actor Name, Instagram – Character Explained

Sam in Gen V: Sam is one of the important characters in Gen V as everything is happening for him. Sam might become one of the crucial members of Gen V in upcoming episodes. You will know everything about Sam from his powers to his story and also about the actor.

What’s the power of Sam in Gen V?

Sam Riordan is one of the lead characters in Gen V. He is the younger brother of Luke. Sam and his brother Luke took the Compound V when they were children and got extraordinary powers. But soon Vought started an experiment on Sam, and Sam became a schizophrenic. It is still a mystery why Vought experimented on Sam as he is already a supe. There is still something that we might uncover about Sam in future episodes. Sam has super strength and invulnerability powers.

Who Played Sam in Gen V?

Actor Asa Germann played the role of Sam in Gen V. Asa Germann is still at the beginning of his career and Gen V is the first show where he played a lead role. He played the role of a Blonde Jogger in The Jeffrey Dahmer Story (2022). Asa is very private about his life so he doesn’t post much on social media he only has one post on Instagram. He has 16k+ followers on Instagram.




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