Jordan in Gen V Prime Video: Jordan Li is one of the unique superheroes who has a unique superpower. The Boys fans were kind of shocked to see the power of Jordan Li after the first episode, well I’m also shocked to see their power. You will know everything about Jordan Li and their actors in this article.

What’s the Power of Jordan Li Gen V?

Jordan Li is an Asian American superhero who has the power of gender-shifting!. There are a lot of superheroes who have the power of shape but the unique thing about Jordan is that he can also change his gender. Jordan was born as a boy, and his family gave him Compound V, and then Jordan finds out he can change his gender.

Jordan likes living as a girl. Aside from gender shifting, the two different versions of Jordan have different powers Jordan’s female version can fire energy blasts and Jordan’s male version is invulnerable.

Which Actors Played Jordan Li?

London Thor – London Thor played the role of Jordan’s female Version. London is a singer and actress, she started her career as a singer at the age of 15, and then started getting a job in the entertainment industry. Her songs are featured on films like Girl on A Train and many more. London has 15k+ followers on Instagram and she is also very active on Instagram.

Derek Luh – Derek luh played the role of Jordan’s male version. Derek is a singer, songwriter and actor. He started his career as an actor from the show Runaways in 2019, and now he played one of the lead roles in Gen V.



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