Gen V Episode 1: The first 3 episodes of the Amazon Prime Video Original series Gen V are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The episodes are each around 1 hour long and are available in multiple audio options. Here’s an episode-wise recap of the show.

Episode 1 of the show starts with a girl named Marie enjoying time with her family. All of a sudden, she feels pain in her stomach and rushes to the washroom. There she discovers that blood is coming from her private part; it’s her first period, and it starts floating in the air. Marie panics, and her mother enters the bathroom, and that blood-like substance kills her mother and then her father.

The story then jumps to the present, where we get to see a fully grown Marie. Here we see that Marie has superpowers; she can use her blood as a weapon and set fire to any object, and she can even use it for combat.

In the next frame, we see that Marie got admitted to Godolkin University, a university specially designed for young minds with superpowers. Here we get to see some of the famous and top 10 students of the university. Marie manages to make a few friends in college, and a few days later, she gets a chance to go to a party with her friends Luke, Cate, and Andre. They were all enjoying themselves at the party. All of a sudden, while trying to impress a girl, Andre mistakenly kills another girl at the party, and everyone runs away except for Marie. Marie saves that girl at the party from her power.

The next day, the Dean of the college, Brinks, calls Marie and says that they are suspending her to save the reputation of the college. Marie was shocked to see this, as she was expecting to be appreciated for saving a life. However, instead of that, Brink says that she is suspended from the college and needs to leave by tomorrow. Later, we get to know that Brink did this to save Andre, who is the son of a teacher at the same university.

In the next frame, we see that Marie leaves Brink’s office in utter shock and disappointment. On the other hand, we see Luke entering Brink’s office, and there he kills Dean Brink. As Marie returns to Brink’s office and witnesses the murder, Luke begins to chase her. Jordan comes to her rescue and starts fighting with Luke. Marie runs away from there and goes to find Andre. Meanwhile, Luke overpowers Jordan and resumes his pursuit of Marie.

Andre stops Luke from Hurting Marie, Luke Hugs Andres and whispers something in his Ear and then Kills Himself, and Episode 1 of the show ends here.

Now many of you may ask me a question Why Luke Kill himself?

The answer is simple: he gets to know that his brother Sam is still alive, and Dean Brink is involved in all of this. He is angry over this, which is why he kills Brink. After killing Brink and attacking Marie and Jordan, Luke is filled with regret, and he immediately realizes that he did wrong and that’s why He Kills himself.

The reasons behind Sam’s presence and how he ended up there will be revealed in Episode 2. Stay tuned with us for the episode-wise recap and ending explanation of the show.



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