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‘Fair Play’ Movie Ending Explained: Luke And Emily Ended Up Together?

Fair Play Recap Summary and Ending Explained: Netflix’s original American romantic drama film ‘Fair Play’ is now available to watch on Netflix worldwide. The film released in Multiple audio and making is one of the widest releases this month. Here is the summary and ending explanation of the film.

The film starts at a party where we see a couple, Luke and Emily, who are very happy together. They go to the bathroom to get physical, and there Luke proposes to Emily, and she also accepts the proposal. The story now shifts to the next day, where we see that both work in the same company named Crest Capital. In the office, they act like they don’t know each other, and their relationship is not public in the office.

Later on, we see that Luke is about to get a promotion. The office hours end, and here we see an intimate sequence between Luke and Emily. At midnight, Emily gets a call from her office colleague, Rory, and he asks her to meet him at a club. When Emily reaches there, she sees that instead of Rory, another office in charge, Campbell, was there, and he tells Emily that she is going to get the promotion and will take Quinn’s place. Emily returns home, and she hesitates to tell this to Luke, but when Luke gets to know about it, he says that he is very happy for her.

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The next day, Emily says that she will help Luke with his promotions, but things go wrong, and it doesn’t go as planned. Luke has to face some humiliation in the office due to Emily’s plan. At the same night, Emily learns from Campbell that they may fire Luke in the upcoming days. Emily starts noticing the change in Luke’s behavior, and it seems like he is slightly insecure with her. Luke also notices that Campbell is making inappropriate advances toward Emily. Emily asks Luke about a party, but Luke doesn’t go there. Emily comes home late at night, and their relationship is worsening day by day.

The next morning, Luke suggests to Emily to buy a share. Emily asks Luke to do proper research and then come up with a proposal, but Luke emotionally pressures Emily to buy that share. Emily buys that share, and it results in a huge loss for the company in a few hours. Emily and her company lose around 25 million dollars in just a few hours, and Emily is held responsible for that. The next day, to correct his mistakes, Luke suggests another share to Emily, but she sticks to her own plan and finally manages to recover that loss. After this incident, things get really bad between Emily and Luke, and their relationship is on the verge of ending. One night, Luke says that Emily has slept with Campbell to get the promotion, and Emily is badly hurt by this. Emily then tells Luke that he is worthless and that Campbell is going to suspend him soon. She also tells him, “You are a loser,” and Luke leaves home in anger.

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On the other hand, Emily’s mom is unaware of all this, and she is planning an engagement party for both of them. Next, we see that Luke goes to Emily’s office and tells everyone that Emily is in a relationship with him.

Luke And Emily Ended Up Together?

Luke also misbehaves with everyone and is fired from his job. In the same evening, Emily learns that Luke is at their engagement party. Emily goes there and tells everyone that they are breaking up. Emily also hits Luke on the head with a bottle after an argument. Emily leaves from there, and Luke follows her. Here we see that after some argument, Luke tries to kiss Emily, but she pushes Luke away.

The next day, Emily tells her office boss that Luke is lying and they are not in a relationship. Emily returns home and learns that Luke is leaving the city permanently. She asks him to apologize for all the things he has done. Luke breaks down and then apologizes after a few minutes. Emily hugs Luke tightly and, with teary eyes, asks Luke to leave, and the film ends here.

Now, many of you may ask a question: Did Luke and Emily end up together?

The answer is no. They didn’t end up together, as Emily now has an idea that Luke is a changed man and a monster. After the public humiliation in the office, Emily realizes that Luke doesn’t care about her anymore and can go to any extent. All these things make Emily realize that Luke is not her dream man, and thus she says a final goodbye, and the film ends here too.



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