Gauri Sawant Real Image, Her Daughter Gyatri?: Sushmita Sen has accepted to take on a challenging role. She played the role of a transgender person in her recent show, which is available for streaming on Jio Cinema. This is a biographical series about Shree Gauri Sawant, and it was streamed on August 15th during the Bigg Boss Finale.

All episodes were released together, and the show has been receiving a lot of appreciation. Prior to this, Sushmita Sen appeared as Aarya in the Hotstar Special Series “Aarya,” which was released on Independence Day. The marketing team did an excellent job, and the show is performing well on Jio Cinema. Audiences are curious to know more about Shree Gauri Sawant, and we’re here to cover that for you.

Starting with the story of the Daughter of Gauri first, Gauri Adopted a Girl named Gyatri after the death of Gyatri’s Parents and from then Gyatri used to live with Gauri. As of now, there is now recent update about Gyatri. You can check the old picture;

If something happens to me, I don't want her to return to the streets: Gauri  Sawant
Gauri and Gyatri

In the show, we see that Gauri lost her mother at a very young age. Her father was alive, but he doesn’t talk to her anymore because Ganya transitioned into a transgender person. Her father didn’t like this, and because of that, she left her home.

Shree Gauri Sawant stands for transgender rights and is a social worker. In the 2014 case, she played an important role as a petitioner. She also started her charitable foundation and adopted a girl in 2008. Because of her involvement in that case, she fought for the right that transgender individuals deserve to adopt kids.

She also appeared in Season 9 of KBC, and all the winnings she obtained were donated to her trust, which works for goodwill.

Today, she proudly lives in Mumbai and runs her trust. People have a lot of respect for her. The Sawant Charitable Trust is becoming famous, and she has also appeared for promotions of this series. Currently, she holds the position of Director at Sakhi Char Chowghi.


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