The advance booking for “OMG 2” is much less than “Gadar 2“. The ticket prices have dropped, but the advance booking isn’t up to the mark. Due to weekdays, audiences have gotten busy, and they aren’t watching any films. However, evening and night shows are showing a little bit of growth.

Akshay Kumar said in an interview that “OMG 2” should be shown in schools to provide proper sex education to students because there is a need for sex education in India. What are your thoughts on this?

The Censor Board really did a wrong thing; they shouldn’t have cut so many scenes in “OMG 2”. In fact, those who’ve watched the movie are saying there are so many dialogue modifications. In some scenes, Akshay’s lip sync is not matching with the dialogue. Hopefully, we’ll see a proper version on OTT.

Total Advance For Day 11 – 40 Lakhs

So far, more than 15k tickets have been sold in advance booking, and the collection is only 40 lakhs, which is decent.


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