OMG Day 11 Box Office Collection: Omg 2 Finally Hits 100 Crores At The Box Office, which is an incredible thing. If everything goes right, then there will be chances for Omg 3 as well, or maybe another film based on a social topic from the same team. Omg, 2 is specially made for this generation; they really need to explore this film. The Rated certification is the biggest restriction for fans and audiences.

The only disappointing thing in Omg 2 was Akshay Kumar’s screentime; it was really very less. He deserves more; he is a superstar. In very little screen time, he also shines in his role. After that, 27 cuts were made by the Censor Board, which wasn’t right; dialogues were also modified. Hope we see a much stronger comeback of Akshay Kumar in his future ventures.

Here goes the day-wise box office collection report:

Day 1: 10.30 Crores
Day 2: 15 Crores
Day 3: 17 Crores
Day 4: 12 Crores
Day 5: 17 Crores
Day 6: 7 Crores
Day 7: 5 Crores
Day 8: 6 Crores
Day 9: 10 Crores
Day 10: 13 Crore
Day 11: 3-4 Crores*

Total Indian Net Collection: 117 crores*

OMG, 2” had an overall 53% occupancy on its 9th day.



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