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Gary Noesner Waco Real Image, Where He Is Now? | Netflix

Gary Noesner Waco: Netflix’s newly released doc series ‘Waco: American Apocalypse’ is the story of a shootout between the FBI and a religious cult the seizure goes on for 51 long days resulting in the death of more than 80 people including many minor children also and 4 FBI agents.

Here in this article, I am going to tell you about Gary Noesner who was head of the operation at that time. So let’s get started

According to the reports Noesner was removed in 25 days from the operation as many agents are complaining that he wants to take them more aggressive role, however, he was called by the agency during the final day to watch the operations on TV.

Later in 2003, he retired from the FBI after a 30-year-long career, in 2010 he published a book Stalling for Time: My Life as an FBI Hostage Negotiator sharing his experience in the FBI and telling the readers about the Waco case.

Based on that book paramount released a miniseries also, in which he guided them also, he never met with any survivor from the cult however in 2017 he met with David who is one of the few survivors from there and is a musician now.

The Waco Siege - BPR Interviews: Gary Noesner [Part 1] - Brown Political  Review


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