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Heather Jones Waco Now? Real Image | Netflix

Heather Jones Waco: Netflix’s latest doC series ‘Waco: American Apocalypse’ is the story of a 51-day seize by authorities against a religious cult resulting in the death of many some people were able to escape from there and one such survivor is Heather Jones.

So if you want to know about HER where is She now, so let’s know more about him in this article.

Who is Heather Jones?

Born in Waco, Texas she was a happy child and has a good family always surrounded by her cousins and aunts in the house playing around, David Koresh the cult leader was her uncle, but in 1990 her mother left the house and she was not allowed to meet with her father, so David becomes his only parent and in the series, she tells about that David touches her inappositely in the name of love.

And later when she was brought around the girl of her age who were 12-15 years, they are so happy to become David’s wife someday and have his children, but she was not and David continues to humiliate her s3xually.

But on February 28, 1993, when the shootout begins she managed to escape from there in the hope of meeting her father after reaching a safe place she called her but came to know that he also died in the shootout and her grandfather also died in the shootout.

Where is Heather Jones Now?

Later she helped the authorize a lot to know more about this case and she also completed her studies, as of now she lived in Texas and is a married mother of three beautiful children, however, she was still struggling with depression as the horrific incident is not easy to forget we do not know much about her as she decides to keep away from the limelight.



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