Abdul Karim Telgi Brother: SonyLiv has recently released the series “Scam 2003: The Telgi Story,” which is now streaming on the platform. The series is generating a decent buzz; however, critics are not enjoying it as much.

Since the show is based on real incidents, there are many events depicted in the series that are entirely based on real events. The characters in the series are also inspired by real-life individuals. We have already introduced you to Nafisa Telgi, Madhusudan Mishra, and others.

Now, we are going to tell you about one of Abdul Karim Telgi’s brothers, who is portrayed in the series as Salim Telgi. Here are all the details about him.

The character of Salim Telgi is inspired by the real-life character of Azim Telgi, who was Abdul Karim Telgi’s actual brother. As depicted in the series, Azim contested a Municipal Election in Khanapur, Karnataka, and also won it in real life. However, after the scam was exposed, his political career was destroyed, and since then, there have been no updates about him.

Azim Telgi’s last appearance in the media was in 2017 after Telgi’s death. Since then, there have been no updates about Azim. We will provide updates if we obtain any information regarding him.

In the series, Telgi was attempting to make his brother Salim a public figure and a politician so that he could gain the support and power of the people. To convince the public, Salim did many things, such as building roads, temples, mosques, and more.

This concludes the real-life story of Abdul Karim Telgi’s brother. What are your thoughts on the series? Please let us know in the comments.



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