Full Circle Episode 1: This episode introduces us to the main characters of the series. At first, we meet a woman named Savitri Mahabir who is known to all as Mrs. Mahabir. She seems pretty powerful as lots of men are working for him. There has been a recent death of her brother-in-law Quincy Mahabir.

Although her nephew Aked believes to know the reason for his untimely death her aunt seems to disagree and she’s going to her hometown, Georgetown looking for answers and guidance on how to deal with it.

After having a conversation with a priest she comes to believe that the murder of her brother-in-law is linked to something in the past and the only way she can fix things is by inflicting pain on behalf of the wronged family commensurate with the pain her own family once inflicted on them.

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Therefore she tries to find the right people for the job who would get the job done without asking any questions and they should be from her hometown. Natalia, her masseuse has a brother who wants to come and work for her with her best friend. This seemed like the perfect opportunity so they decided to give them a chance.

Then we’re introduced to Louis (Natalia’s brother) and Xavier (Louis’s best friend). After getting them to New York they’re immediately assigned their first job. They have to kill a handicapped person on wheelchairs but during the assignment, Louis feels hesitant so Xavier has to improvise and get it done. Later we learn Mrs. Mahabir is a gangster with an incredibly nasty racket of selling indigent people insurance, then murdering them and making it look like an accident so that they could collect money from the policies.

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Both Louis and Xavier feel guilty after the incident. Xavier is later approached by a cop named Melody Harmony. She tries to use him by threatening the earlier incident and gives him her card just in case. Xavier gets to know about the next assignment so he calls Mel and tells her about it. Natalia heard Mrs. Mahabir talking the other day about kidnapping a boy and killing him so she asks his brother for help to save that boy and Louis agrees.

Mrs. Mahabir plans to kidnap Jared. He is the grandson of a celebrity chef nicknamed Chef Jeff. Her plan was to extort the family for ransom and eventually kill him in Washington Square Park inside a white circle drawn on the ground.

Aked leads the job. Louis and Xavier are with him in the van. After kidnapping the boy when Aked called his father Derek and asked him to arrange Three Hundred And Fourteen thousand, One hundred and fifty-nine money in cash and tells him to be at George Washington Bridge by midnight if he wants his son alive. As the call ends they’re shocked as they see Jared walk in. They ask him what happened and why he went outside without telling anyone about it. Jared replies he went to meet a friend Nicky.

Apparently, Jared has been losing all his stuff lately. One day he got a DM from Nicky asking if he wanted to know what happened to all his stuff. That’s why he went there. After meeting Nicky, he finds him wearing the same exact outfit. Nicky feels fascinated by his bicycle so he gives him to ride it but he gets jumped on by some guys and they put him into a van and left. He got scared and rode his bike home.

After knowing all this as they were planning what to do about it next Aked sends Derek a video of him cutting Nicky’s finger with bolt cutters and tells him to get to the location with money before 1.11 a.m else his son is dead. That’s when this episode ends.

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As for my review of the episode, I would say the series gets a very promising first episode as we’re introduced to the characters and their motives. It confuses us at the beginning by showing us all these characters but as the episode ends we get a rough idea about the tone and theme of the series.

Overall I would say it was a good start to the series and would rate it 3.5 out of 5 stars.



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