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“Celebrity” Episode 5: Explained, Recap & Summary

“Celebrity” Episode 5: The episode starts with us meeting Seo A-Ri’s brother. He’s in the army and is home in transitional leave. He’s quite surprised by all the sponsored gifts she’s receiving and asks her for a computer.

Seo A-Ri takes her friend Jeong-Sun to meet with Jun-Kyung for lunch. Han Jun-Kyung seems quite irritated by her friend’s presence and asks Seo A-Ri to take his consent for such things. After this Jun-Kyung takes Seo A-Ri to his place for lunch. Seo A-Ri feels very weird watching Jun-Kyung’s lifestyle and calls him out and says she doesn’t want this to be a part of her life so her answer is no and leaves the place.

Chae-Hee sees Si-Hyeon liking Seo A-Ri’s posts they’re quite close friends so this makes her lose her cool.

Angela invites Seo A-Ri over to her place. Seo A-Ri gets there and asks her why she wanted to meet her to which Angela replies she wants them to be friends and leave the past issues behind. Angela tells her that they need to connect with each other it’ll be beneficial to them and she also tells her that she will sort out her issues with Chae-Hee so that they can benefit from each other.

Seo A-Ri kept in touch with bbbfamous and they have been sharing lots of gossip about the gabin society. She gets curious as to how he could know all this stuff about them. bbbfamous says he’s just a normal person who has to work hard for all the stuff these people don’t even care about which makes Seo A-Ri realize that she has to earn all this money through hard work and become really successful.

So she thinks of a plan and visits Dongdaemun to purchase clothes in wholesale for her brand Ari &. After purchasing all the clothes she does a photoshoot and puts them on for sale in her profile.

Later that night Seo A-Ri goes to meet with Chae-Hee at a club with Angela. But Chae-Hee was rather surprised to meet her and had no idea about the meeting. She starts freaking out and shouts at Angela for calling her. Hearing all this Seo A-Ri leaves the place but Angela stops her midway saying she’s got a plan to make everything right.

Meanwhile, Jun-Kyung and Si-Hyeon meet at a restaurant to discuss Si-Hyeon. As they were talking about their past relationship Tae-Jeon gets there and asks Si-Hyeon why he lied to meet Jun-Kyung as they were talking Si-Hyeon sees a post on Chae-Hee’s profile which makes them worried and they rush to the location immediately.

Seo A-Ri finds that Chae-Hee is high on drugs and can’t even recognize her. Then Chae-Hee takes a selfie and puts it on her account. Seo A-Ri gets angry and asks Angela about what’s going on here to which she replies it’s a part of high society they’re used to all this. That’s when Si-Hyeon gets there and tries to recover Chae-Hee to her senses so that she could delete the post.

Celebrity Series recap and ending Explained New Series Latest

Seo A-Ri couldn’t take it anymore and decides to leave but as she leaves she meets Jun-Kyung and he gets angry at her and tells her that she’s just putting a clean image of her out there while she’s not really that different from the rest. As they were talking they heard Si-Hyeon scream so they went inside to take a look.

They find one of the guys that Chae-Hee had there to party has been lying on the floor as Yong-Tae, the club owner tries to wake him up. Seo A-Ri asks Si-Hyeon about what’s going on and she replies about the drugs he probably overdosed. Seo A-Ri panics and starts calling the cops That’s when Tae-Jeon gets there and throws A-Ri’s phone. Jun-Kyung tries to revive him but is unable to Tae-Jeon make arrangements to take him to a hospital. They all try to exit through the back door carrying him. That’s when this episode ends.

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