Full Circle Episode 2 HBO Max : This episode begins with Jared’s family discussing what to do next and whether should they even inform the police. They plan to follow along to save Nicky and decide to send Jared off to Joey’s place because he might still be in danger if they find out about him. Derek figures the ransom money is the value of Pi i.e. 3.14159 which also represents a circle.

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Garmen finds the card that Inspector Mel gave to Xavier and tries to warn Mrs. Mahabir about it. But she refuses to abort the plan and asks him to take appropriate measures. As Darek and Jeff gather the money, Garmen takes Paul and visits Aked. They get inside the van and show them the card he found in the boy’s room. The situation gets very tense as they kill Keesen as a precaution.

Meanwhile, Darek is driving to the drop location as he finds his phone to be running out of battery. He gets a call from Aked asking him to hurry and get to Washington Park before 1.11 a.m.

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Louis and Xavier get to the park with Paul. He asked them to put the boy inside a delivery bike and loop around the park. Louis takes this chance and insists to ride the bike as he plans to swap it with her sister’s in which they have planted a dummy. Louis takes the bike around and meets with her sister they swap the bike and Louis gets to the marked circle on the park as per instructed.

Darek has reached the park but his phone dies and the call gets disconnected. Therefore he is unable to reach them. He desperately tries to look for a charger after a while he manages to borrow one power bank but as his phone boots its already too late. As the clock reaches 1.11 Paul opens the box and shoots the dummy in his head as planned and they go back to the van they’re instructed on where to dump the body of Keesen.

Sam (Jared’s mother) gets worried as Darek’s phone seems unreadable and rushes to the park and meets him there and tries to comfort him. After executing the plan successfully Mrs. Mahabir meets with Paul And Garmen at a party and they celebrate. As they think they have successfully completed the task. Mrs. Mahabir tells Garmen about the ritual slightly and tells him that the curse on her family is now lifted as they meet all the requirements.

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Darek and Sam gave their statement to the police as Darek feels very guilty for not being able to save Nicky on time. This is when this episode ends.

As for the review, I think this episode was a bit better than the last one as this stays to the point and goes forward with the story, unlike last time. This episode provides us with more information about what actually is going on with the whole circle thing and tries to give us a few more clues about where it could be heading. As for the stars, this episode gets 3.5 out of 5 stars for me.



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