“Celebrity” Episode 2:  The episode opens with the Gabin Society watching Seo A-Ri’s live stream they’re quite shocked at how she is even alive and wonder what’s exactly going on.

Now Seo A-Ri continues her story. Oh Min-Hye and Biniimom were fighting. Seo A-Ri gets involved and gets pushed by Biniimom which results in spilling wine over her expensive dress which makes her angry so she slaps Biniimom and gives her a taste of her own medicine and throws a glass of drink on her and leaves the party.

As she reaches home her mother scolds her for ruining the dress as they find it costs 12 million. They’re worried about what to do about it if the owner asks for compensation. Oh Min-Hye gets worried about her fight with Biniimom as it would affect his followers. Seo A-Ri gets a call from an unknown person and goes for a meeting.

After reaching she found it was Ju Seung-Hyeok, CEO of A. Picks Communication. They are a consulting company that handles marketing, PR, and planning for celebs. But she couldn’t figure out why a CEO of such a company would meet her. That’s when Ju Seung-Hyeok explains to her that she’s got a lot of potential and could make a lot of money and fame from social media as he also tells her Oh Min-Hye bought followers in which he helped her and shows her all the benefits of being a celeb and all the sponsors she could get from it.

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As she returns home she sees Yoon Si-Hyeon getting inside her mom’s shop so she rushes inside. Seo A-Ri and her mom apologize for the incident. Yoon Si-Hyeon knows they won’t be able to compensate so she leaves without saying much but Seo A-Ri stops her and gives her his debit card and tells her pin and promises to pay the remaining amount in the following months. Yoon Si-Hyeon says you don’t have to pay anything as she doesn’t care much about it .

Meanwhile Oh Min-Hye’s followers are dropping and her friends are also ignoring her. Seo A-Ri and Oh Min-Hye meet in a cafe and A-Ri tells her about how they went bankrupt and she had to do door-to-door service to make a living. After hearing this Min-Hye gets up and takes A-Ri with her to her showroom.

Oh Min-Hye has arranged a private party for her friends in her showroom. They welcome each other and begin the party as Min-Hye live streams. She introduces everyone one by one. When introducing Seo A-Ri she tells them she’s her best friend from school and starts promoting the products she was selling. A-Ri feels very awkward as the rest of her friends start mocking her. So she leaves the party Min-Hye stops her and they both get into a fight regarding the live stream.

After leaving the place Seo A-Ri received a call from the police station. Upon visiting she finds Han Jun-Kyung waiting for him at the station, the guy who initially met her at the party whom she accused of harassment. That’s when the episode ends.

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