“Celebrity” Episode 1 Netflix: The series opens with a voice-over from our lead character Seo A-Ri as she introduces us to her character who’s an Instagram influencer. She’s doing a live stream in an abandoned building, to know more about how she became famous and how she ended up here she insists us keep watching.

We see Seo A-Ri & Park Ye-Ni, her best friend working at a cosmetic company. Seo A-Ri works as a door-to-door saleswoman. During one of her home visits, she meets Yoon Si-Hyeon, a very rich woman.

Later that night when Seo A-Ri visits her home we meet her mom Lee Hyeon-Ok. They’re struggling with financial issues and we also find they used to be rich but after her father’s death, they went bankrupt and have since been living like this. Lee Hyeon-Ok runs an alteration shop in Gangnam and repairs rich people’s clothes for a living.

Seo A-Ri and Yoon Jeong-Sun had gone to the mall to purchase a gift for their boss’s wife. That’s where they meet Oh Min-Hye, an instant influencer, and Seo A-Ri’s school friend.

As they catch up we find Seo A-Ri was quite popular during her school days. Seo A-Ri seems uncomfortable during the whole interaction. As she starts to leave Oh Min-Hye asks for her insta id so that they can follow each other as Seo A-Ri doesn’t have any social presence she asks her about her phone number instead but Yoon Jeong-Sun says to DM her instead so that she could then forward her messages to Seo A-Ri.

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Later she invites Seo A-Ri for a party but Seo A-Ri seems weird about going as they will be wearing all expensive stuff and she would feel awkward. Her mom then says she can help with that as she might have a dress for the occasion.she still feels weird about wearing someone’s clothes and goes into her room. As she feels curious, she opens an Instagram profile and checks Oh Min-Hye’s profile which changes her mind as she plans to give it a shot.

After reaching the party location she gets off her taxi and starts observing the paps. Suddenly someone approaches her from behind and fixes her dress to which she responded shockingly and shouts at him. The stranger apologizes for his misunderstanding as he thought of her as someone else but she takes a picture of his face and asks for his phone number so that he can file a police complaint. They get into a small banter but the stranger gives in and gives her his number.

After going inside Oh Min-Hye introduces her as her best friend to her friends and tells them about their school days and how her mother’s were close friends. As they were talking Oh Min-Hye and the rest of her friends welcome Jin Chae-Hee and Yoon Si-Hyeon. Seo A-Ri feels uncomfortable as she sees Yoon Si-Hyeon there.

Jin Chae-Hee asks Yoon Si-Hyeon about the dress Seo A-Ri is wearing as its the same one as she used to have. So they started asking her how she got it as it was very hard to purchase. Yoon Si-Hyeon says you must have gotten it from London right and saves her from revealing the truth.

As they were talking Biniimom, another celebrity approaches Oh Min-Hye and slaps her accusing her of betrayal and using her for her fame. As the episode ends we find that everyone is worried about the livestream as Seo A-Ri is supposedly dead.

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