‘Fool Me Once’ Episode 5 Recap: ‘Fool Me Once’ is a Netflix original Crime thriller show which is streaming on Netflix with 8 Episodes. The series is available in Hindi, English and some more dubbed versions. Here we are going to tell you about the recaps and ending explanation of the show.

Maya calls Shane to check her house for any suspicious activity. Maya also feels that her nanny cam was hacked, and someone has planted that video in the footage. Instead of checking and fixing the house, Shane plants another camera in the house under the table, and Maya has no idea about it.

When investigators ask where Eddie was on the murder night, he tells them that he was with a woman named Sasha. On the other hand, Abby meets a guy named Louis, who is her stepbrother, and she is shocked to see that he is her football coach’s assistant. Abby tells this to Maya that she found her stepbrother.

The next day in Judith’s house, Maya sees Caroline. She is shocked to see Caroline there, as Judith had told her that she is in the hospital. Maya gets to know about a school and she visits the school and asks the school headmaster about Claire. The headmaster tells her the name of a student named ‘Theo.’ He also tells her that Theo died of alcohol overdose, and very soon after that, Andrew commits suicide.

Maya reaches Theo’s house, and there she asks about the incident that day. Theo’s mother says that Theo never drinks alcohol, and the school administration was lying about his death. Theo’s mother confirms that Andrew died of guilt. Maya and Corey get to know that there is a cold storage in the name of Tommy Dark which has been unopened for the last few months. When they reach that location and open that storage, they are shocked to see Tommy Dark’s dead body inside it.

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