Netflix’s newly released show ‘Fool Me Once’ is now streaming on Netflix with 8 Episodes. The show is super slow and looking pretty average as of now. We are covering the episode wise recap of all episodes of the show and here is Episode 3.

Episode 3 starts with Abby and Dan digging up further into the pictures, and they come up with a name, Alexander Dausmen. They also come to know that he shifted to the same place just a few weeks before her murder. Maya goes to the club again, and there she sees the same car that has been following her for the last few weeks. Upon intense following, Maya sees that it was Journalist Corey who was in the car.

Corey tells Maya that Claire and Joe were looking for the frauds happening in Bucket’s family, and here Corey tells the name of a person named Tommy Dark who is somehow relevant to the case. Maya goes to Dark’s house, but he was not there.

On the other hand, Abby and Dan meet Alexander, and he is ready to tell everything. The police get the address of the owner of the bike which was used to kill Joe, and on the other hand, in the midnight, Lilly goes missing from Maya’s house. We also get to see that Maya has a secret gun which is the same as the murder weapon, and episode 3 ends here.

Honestly speaking the show is getting dull with each passing episode. The show is lacking that thrill and more and more episodes are making it super slow and dull. I hope there are some great twists and turns in the show as they can only save this sinking ship.

This was all about the Fool Me Once Episode 3. What are your take about the overall show? Please let us know in the comments.

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