Fool Me Once Episode 1 : UK Crime thriller series ‘Fool Me Once’ is now streaming with 6 Episodes on Netflix. All Episodes are around 1 hour long and here goes a recap, review, and Explanation of episode 1 of the show. The show is now streaming on Netflix in Multiple audios along with subtitles.

Episode 1 of the show starts with the funeral of a man named Joe. We get introduced to the character Maya, who is the wife of Joe, and we also get to see that Maya has a daughter named Lilly. Joe was murdered a few days back, and now investigators are looking into the case.

As the show moves forward, we get to see that Maya’s sister was also killed a few months back by someone, and Maya is totally devastated. We also get introduced to two kids of Claire and Eddie named Dan and Abby.

Later on, we get introduced to Maya’s friend Eva. Before leaving Maya’s home, Eva gave her a photo frame which has a built-in hidden camera in it. We also get introduced to a character named Isabella who works as a ‘Nanny’ in the house. When Maya returns back to the house, she was shocked to see the camera recording clips.

In the recordings, Maya saw her husband Joe playing with Lily when she was not home. Maya was shocked to see Joe, as she saw Joe dead a few days back, and she was also there at the funeral. She rushed towards the wardrobe, and there she saw that the same color of the shirt was missing along with a pair of shoes from Joe’s wardrobe. Nanny Isabella reaches Maya’s house, and when Maya asks her about that clip and Joe, she runs away by throwing paper spray on her eyes, and she also takes that SD card which has footage of Joe.

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Investigating officer Sami starts looking into the case along with his assistant Marty. Sami suspects that Maya has killed her husband. Maya drops Lilly at Eddy’s (who is Maya’s dead sister’s husband) house with her sister’s husband and then starts looking for Isabella. She knocks on the door, but there was no response from inside, although Maya saw the footsteps of someone in the house.

On the other hand, Maya is hallucinating about Joe and sees him everywhere. Meanwhile, Maya tracks Isabella again, but she goes out from her again. When Maya tells Judith that she saw Joe, she calls her disturbed and asks her to leave. On the other hand, investigating officer Sam confirms to Maya that her sister and husband were killed by the same gun. In the last few minutes of the episode, we get to see the blood stains in a vehicle, and episode 1 ends here.

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