‘Fool Me Once’ Episode 4 Recap: Netflix’s thrilling series ‘Fool Me once’ tells us the story of Maya who is looking for the Murderers of her Husband and sister. While Investigatigating she came to know some about some hidden secrets of her own family. Here goes the recap and summary of episode 4.

Episode 4 of the show starts with Shane in Maya’s house, and Maya was shocked to see that Shane is in the house. Shane tells Maya that he was knocking on the door for so long, and there was no response from inside.

Shane finds out that Tommy Dark was the captain of the ship from which Andrew commits suicide. Maya now suspects that Brukets were paying Tommy to hide the truths about Andrew’s death. Alexander tells Abby that Claire and he met on tour, and they got separated very soon. When Abby tells about her Claire’s pregnancy, Alexander tells that he knows nothing about it, and he was shocked to see this.

Investigators ask Phill (Abby’s coach), but he tells nothing about the bike and anything. Joe tells Eddie that Claire was not cheating on her, and instead, she was helping her. Sami follows Phill, and he sees that Phill has some connections with Burketts, but before he gets to know anything, he falls on the ground due to his illness, and he becomes unconscious.

Tommy Dark’s wife calls Maya and says that she has something for her. Dark’s wife confirms that Tommy is getting money from Burketts, and she also tells that there is no contact of her with Tommy from the last 6 weeks. Maya goes to Judiath and asks why her company is sending money to Dark and Sami. Judiath tells nothing to her, and she says that she is just trying to maintain the image of their family.

Abby and Dan check through an old DNA data that there is a sibling of them, and they had no idea about that. Eddie sees those old photos of Claire in which she was pregnant. Maya tells Abby and Dan that there is a 19-year-old stepbrother of them. The episode ends with Shane spying into Maya’s house, and also he has planted a GPS in Maya’s car.

This was all about the ‘Fool Me Once’ Episode 4, What are your take on the series so far? Are you loving it? Please let us know in the comments.

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