Flex X Cop Episode 15 and 16 Release Date: Disney presents an action investigation thriller show called ‘Flex x Cop’. The story is about a rich young man who got appointed as a detective on a crime investigation unit due to an unexpected interference at a crime spot.

He accepts his father’s order to become an obedient detective, which helps his father to win the mayor election. The rich man survives the detective life in an entertaining way, and solves hard cases with his own intelligence and ideas is the rest of the story of this drama.

Flex X Cop’s last episode showcased many unexpected events. The show went to the next stage when its season finale was nearing. The last episode deals with the murder investigation which took place in front of Hansen’s group house. The victim broke into the house while covered with blood. After reaching the gate, he jumped above the gate and fell down.

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The last call he made was to Jin Seung Ju’s number. Lee Kang Hyun and Isoo investigated everyone related to the case and found some surveillance footage. They followed a suspect to a random place, he was seen talking with a stranger at the spot. Isoo followed the stranger and caught him. Later he found that it was his own brother who was talking with the suspect. After the interrogation with Jin Seung Ju and the suspect, they found out that the suspect and his brother killed the victim and kidnapped a woman too.

Flex X Cop almost nearing its season finale and the last two episodes revealed so many unexpected things. Isoo and Jin Seung Ju found out that the deceased person was actually the biological father of Jin Seung Ju. He had an affair with Jin Seung Ju’s mother in the past, he also did a DNA test to prove that Jin Seung Ju is his son.

The chairman and Isoo resigned from their respective duties after the unexpected events happened in their family. Isoo went to see Dr. Seo at the prison to retrieve his removed memories. The chairman lost his life after drinking the poisoned alcohol. The next episodes will reveal who killed the chairman and Isoo’s mother.

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Flex x Cop’ season one, episodes 15 and 16 scheduled to be released this week. The drama premiered its first episode on January 26, 2024, through Disney all over the world. The show has sixteen episodes with nearly seventy Minutes of duration. Disney will release the 15th episode on March 22nd and the 16th episode will be released on March 23rd. This will be the last episode of the show.

‘Flex x cop’ all fourteen Episodes streaming through Disney in Korean audio with English subtitles.



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