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Five Days At Memorial Episode 5 Release Date

AppleTV+ Drama “Five Days At Memorial” based on real events after Hurricane Katrina in 2005 focussing on New Orleans telling us the story about the medical professionals of Memorial Health Centre and how the circumstances after the Hurricane had everyone fending for basic human needs and the tough decisions Medical Professionals had to make for the patients.

The 4th Episode piled on the stress and exhaustion that the Medical Professionals were feeling and if you want to get an idea if you haven’t watched the episode, imagine 5 people lifting a patient by the sheet to carry them to a helipad that is 40 minutes away and this needs to be done for all the 180 patients. Not only that, there’s another hospital in the building, LifeCare that is dependent on them with their 53 patients.

Super stressed professionals trying their best to provide the best care in conditions they had never experienced before. Not only that, but we also saw some racial tensions as well when there was looting happening and Black People were getting shot by the police in the back.

The Episode has shown us some dark reality which is only going to increase in the Upcoming Episodes. We’re still 1 day away from the whole shebang, so let’s see in the next episode what came of Memorial Health Centre and how did we get 45 dead bodies.

The 5th Episode streams on AppleTV+ next week i.e., 26th August 2022 Friday.


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