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Five Days At Memorial Episode 4 Recap

An AppleTV+ Drama titled “Five Days At Memorial” has arrived with its new episode after its debut last week on the streaming giant. The Drama is based on real events that took place in 2005, in New Orleans specifically in Memorial Medical Centre, a hospital.

It tells the story of how medical professionals dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina after a levee broke on the outskirts of New Orleans bringing a lot of water into the city making people homeless and fend for themselves after they were left with no electricity and massive heat.

The show tells the stories of the days Medical Professionals had to go through and we’re done with the first three in the first week of the show’s release. This week, we got to know about the 4th day and how it went. The 4th day piled onto the chaos that was starting to ensue with patients starting to die.

It also piled onto the chaos that some residents, especially colored ones started to think that race was a factor in the hospital helping people in need. The hospital started to turn people away who needed help and were homeless and were coming to the hospital walking in the 4-5 feet of water.

The Episode ended on a grim note when the upper management people started to bear arms in order to protect the hospital and its patients (well, that’s what they thought) because when all of the residents were away for a moment, their things went missing in the hospital, possibly taken by someone.

It all just shows that there’s a lot of unmasking in the upcoming episodes and this grim look of a series is going to show us what really happened and how humanity collapsed in just some days.



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