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Call Of The Night Episode 7: Recap, Full Story Explained

Call Of The Night Episode 7: LIDENFILMS’ “Call Of The Night” also known as Yofukashi no Uta has released the 7th Episode of the first season recently that not only introduced one or two but 5 more characters and also showed some action which was missing in this multi-genre anime.

The Episode started off with Yamori meeting another girl other than Nanakusa who tries to hit on him but later he finds that she’s also a vampire who gets kicked by Nanakusa just when she’s going to suck his blood.

We see combat between those two and a second vampire comes to take Yamori into thin air to a hideout that doesn’t feel like one where a panel of Vampires is waiting to make a decision about Yamori.

Now, the thing is these vampires know that Yamori is aware of the Vampires, and either they need to kill him or make him a vampire too but what they do not know is that Yamori already wants to be one and that too, by only Nanakusa.

Those revelations are made slowly in the Episode and the other vampires are shocked to know that Nanakusa is the only one in the group who does not show any interest in creating offspring and is not fit for romance.

The Episode ended on a note that those vampires will wait for Yamori to fall in love with Nanakusa and with their little arrangement, as soon as Yamori falls in love with Nanakusa he’ll get turned into a vampire.

However, the Episode ended on a cliff-hanger because Yamori said that he will fall in love with Nanakusa no matter how many years it takes. It seems like there is some catch about the time limit that we will know in the next episode.



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