Criminal Code Episode 2: Brazilian Criminal Thriller show ‘Criminal Code’ originally titled as ‘DNA Do Crime’. We have covered the Episode wise recap of the show and You must check the Episode 1 Recap and explanation for better connection between the Episodes.

Benicio and Sullen go to the police meeting where Rossi gives some important updates about the recent investigation. A new agent joined their investigation who turns out to be the unknown person who identified Soulless. His name is Moreira. Rossi tells everyone that the robberies were done by various gangs together; they kind of work like a Joint Venture.

Benicio explains the Joint venture. Various gangs team up; one gang makes plans and everything, another gang’s leader knows the plan, and the other two gangs just work as manpower. Together they take an entire city hostage, they use war tactics, military-grade weapons. There is another gang who is above all of them, “The Organization.”

The organization coordinates everything. Mamute, a criminal who died in the recent shootout, was the head of The Organization in São Paulo. Moreira worked in the organization as an undercover agent; he finds it odd that The Organization sends Mamute and Soulless for the robbery.

Criminal Code
Criminal Code

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Benicio and Sullen lead the investigation; they first go to the bank where the heist takes place. They find the dead body of a security guard, Diego. According to the Forensic experts, he knew the killer. Through CCTV, Benicio finds out about the bank driver who helped the criminals in the robbery. Benicio and Sullen go to the driver’s place and wait outside. Sullen asks Benicio about Santos’ death; Benicio tells Sullen that it’s his fault Santos is dead.

The night before the murder, Benicio and Santos were drinking, Benicio forced Santos to take more drinks. The next day, The Organization attacks the prison, and twenty-five prisoners escaped; Soulless takes a police officer as a hostage to escape the prison. Santos fires at Soulless, and Soulless falls down. Santos thought Soulless is dead, so he leaves his cover and goes towards Soulless. Soulless wasn’t dead, and he fires back at Santos. A police officer shouldn’t leave their cover until they are sure the person is dead. Benicio thought Santos was hungover, that’s why he wasn’t thinking straight.

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Benicio also has the CCTV footage of Santos’ death, and he is watching this every day. The driver came out of his room, and suddenly some person kidnapped him. Benicio and Sullen followed them and take the driver with them. The driver tells them his friend Diego asked him to park the van outside the bank; he didn’t know people would die. The driver tells them that he went to a Mansion to get the money. Alvinegro is the person who paid him. Alvinegro is the person Benicio and Sullen arrested first from the bus station.

Criminal Code Episode 1: Recap, Summary and Explained
Criminal Code Netflix

Benicio promises the driver and tells him to help them, and he will get witness protection and no prison. Benicio takes the driver to Brazil and starts interrogating Alvinegro. Benicio tells Alvinegro that the driver is saying he killed Diego. Sullen, Rossi, and Forensic experts go to the Mansion, where they find fingerprints of a lot of people. They also find weapons and ammo.

Agent Moreira started his own investigation about The Organization. Moreira finds out the motive of the organization doing robberies. The Organization is actually in the drug business; they had an opponent which was Riyad. Riyad was known as the king of the borders who helped people in transporting drugs to other countries. The Organization killed Riyad and became the new king of the borders. But they forgot about the Ambassador.

The Ambassador is also a drug lord who works in Paraguay; the Ambassador became angry after the death of Riyad; he needed Riyad for his business. His organization is small, but the Ambassador has firepower. He orders his men to kill The Organization’s men who try to cross the border with drugs. It was very bad for the organization, so they started paying The Ambassador. They pay him the money they stole from the banks.

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That’s why the organization is focusing on robberies. Rossi tells Benicio and Sullen they can’t keep Alvinegro for long as he got a release order. The Forensic experts tell them the fingerprint they find from the Mansion matches with criminals. Alvinegro was also with the organization, and his DNA was also found in the prison escape and in the Mansion. Benicio runs fast and arrests Alvinegro from the gate.



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