Fellow Travelers Episode 2 Summary: Fellow Travelers Episode 2 is now streaming, and the episode starts right after where it was left. In the first episode, Tim and Hawkins started their romance when the US government was against queer people, but their romance didn’t end as it lasted for 4 decades until Tim got AIDS.

We have already covered the Recap of Episode 1 of the show and now here goes the Recap and ending Explanation of episode 2 of the show.

Fellow Travelers Episode 2 “Bulletproof” Recap

It’s been a year since the romance between Hawkins and Tim started. In 1953, Tim was dating Hawkins’ secretary, Mary Johnson, so no one can doubt him. Mary is also queer, and she’s doing this for the same reason as Tim. Marcus questions McCarthy and his people, so they remove him from court. He finds some evidence that can stop McCarthy from spreading his propaganda of making liberals Soviet spies.

Hawkins meets his mother who tells him to talk with his dad and apologize to him. If he does that, he can get his name on the family will. Hawkins’ father caught him with Kenny in a sexual position. Hawkins goes to his family home and talks with his father. His father wants him to apologize, but instead, Hawk didn’t apologize and insulted his father for not knocking the door before entering the room.

Fellow Travelers Episode 1: Recap And Ending Explained
Fellow Travelers

Tim tells Hawkins why he should date Mary. Hawkins tells him that because he is not bulletproof like him, Hawkins is dating Senator Wesley Smith’s daughter Lucy Smith. So, no one can question him. Mary invites Tim to a party at her home; he meets Mary’s girlfriend Caroline. Mary and Caroline live together in a room, and other people don’t suspect them as they are just roommates. Tim hears about Wesley Smith being on McCarthy’s enemy list as he questioned them a lot of times. Mary got a call from Caroline about getting a summons. McCarthy’s people give summons to people if someone suspects anyone of being queer. A man in Caroline’s office approached her for a date, but she said no.

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Mary was shocked, and the government went to their home to check. Tim finds out about Caroline getting the summons, so he went to Hawk and tells everything. Hawkins was angry with Tim as he went to Mary’s home for a party. This might start a chain of suspects. Hawkins tells Tim to write a letter to Mary. In the letter, he broke up with Mary. Tim was angry as he wants to support Mary; Hawk replied that this letter will remove Mary from the queer suspect list. Mary can pin it all on Caroline and save herself. Tim says, “Why will she do it? She loves Caroline.” Tim then left his house in anger.

Just as Hawkins said, Mary pinned it all on Caroline by using the letter. She said to the government that Tim left her after knowing about her friend being queer. Caroline also left Washington, DC, and went to her parents’ house in Ohio. Tim went to the church for confession. He started thinking of himself as guilty for being in a physical relationship with a man.

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In 1986, Hawk goes to California to meet with Tim. Hawkins didn’t get a callback from Tim; it was his sister. Tim’s sister asked Hawkins to stay away from Tim. Hawkins didn’t want to go home without meeting Tim. He knew where Tim lives, so he just goes there. Tim was kind of happy to see Hawkins.



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