The third episode of Fellow Travelers, titled “Hit Me” and directed by Destiny Ekaragha, has been released, unveiling some significant twists to anticipate in upcoming episodes. We are covering the episode wise recap of the show and here goes Episode 3 recap and explanation.

Fellow Travelers Episode 3 “Hit Me” Ending Explained

The episode commences with a conversation between Hawkins and Senator Wesley. Hawkins receives a tip that could bring down McCarthy and his associates, and he plans to investigate it over the weekend. Tim expresses anger towards Hawkins due to his morality, and Hawk suggests going to a place over the weekend. Tim and Hawkins head to Nomad Bar, renowned among the queer community for its affordable liquor and opportunities to meet partners.

Hawkins leaves Tim alone and meets a person in a distressed state, heavily influenced by drugs. Tim, witnessing this, becomes upset with Hawk. Despite Tim’s desire to spend time alone with Hawk, he is occupied with work. Hawk reassures him that they will spend weekends together and they proceed to a restaurant for dinner, with Tim posing as Hawk’s nephew to avoid suspicion.

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Meanwhile, Marcus initiates a relationship with Frankie, a performer he meets at the bar. Frankie invites Marcus to a show, but upon arrival, the security guard denies Marcus entry. Frankie intervenes, insisting Marcus be allowed in. However, the security guard makes racially and homophobic remarks, prompting Marcus to leave, with Frankie following him.

Marcus confesses to Frankie that he felt ashamed to reveal his sexuality publicly. He writes an article on recent racial discrimination and gives it to Frankie for review. While Frankie likes the article, he expresses anger that Marcus omitted the homophobic comments. Marcus explains that including them might hinder publication, focusing attention on his race rather than his gender.

McCarthy, Roy Cohn, and David Schine are all bachelors, prompting McCarthy’s secretary to suggest marriage to dispel suspicions of McCarthy being gay. McCarthy discloses David’s enlistment in the army as a solution. David, unhappy with his low rank, asks Cohn for help. Their conversation implies a deeper relationship. Overnight, Cohn devises a plan to halt David’s draft, proposing an investigation into the army for alleged communist ties—a historical occurrence reflecting the genuine relationship between David and Cohn.

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Hawk engages in a conversation with the military person, discovering that McCarthy had a one-time sexual encounter with him. McCarthy offers assistance, but when the person requests a transfer due to his ill mother, McCarthy betrays him by involving the FBI and revealing his homosexuality to his mother. The person provides Hawk with evidence and letters.

In the 1986 timeline, Tim discloses to Hawkins that he has Kaposi sarcoma, a cancer with a limited life expectancy. Tim urges Hawkins to undergo an AIDS test, leading them to the hospital for a checkup.



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