Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is an anime adaptation of Edgar Wright’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World film and Scott Pilgrim graphic novel. We are covering the Episode recap of the show and here goes the recap and explanation of Episode 1.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Episode 1 Recap

The show starts with Scott dreaming about a girl with Pink and blue hair. Scott is 23 years old and is dating a 16-year-old High School girl. He lives with his gay friend Wallace, Scott and some of his friends run an indie-rock band called Sex Bob-omb. Scott and his friends go to Julie Powers’ party. Scott sees the same girl as in her dream at the party and tries to talk with her.

He tells her about a Sonic Hedgehog fact and asks her if she is real. The girl was shocked and confused, so Scott didn’t make it more awkward and left the place. He asks Julie about the girl. Her name is Ramona Flowers, she is working as a delivery agent for Netflix DVD Rental Service.

Scott orders a movie from the Netflix rental service and stays awake for three days until Ramona comes. Scott asks Ramona if she can go out with him, and Ramona agrees to him. That night the two went outside and talked, and the two went to Ramona’s house. The two start kissing each other, but Scott tells Ramona he isn’t ready for s33x. The two sleep together in the bed, and in the morning Scott asks Ramona if they can go out more.

Scott invites Ramona to see him performing in the band. Scott tells all this to Wallace, and Wallace tells Scott to break up with Knives Chu, Scott’s 16-year-old girlfriend. Gideon Graves the ex-boyfriend of Ramona got to know about Scott Pilgrim, he asked Matthew Patel another ex-boyfriend of Ramona to defeat Scott in a battle.

Scott go to the place where he will perform with his indie band. He saw Knives, and also saw Ramona coming to the club. He was frightened and go to his team room. Scott doesn’t want to break Knives’ heart, so he doesn’t talk with her.

The band started performing and suddenly Matthew Patel entered the club. Ramona tells Scott about Mathew, Mathew and Ramona were in school, and everyone wanted to date Ramona, so Ramona teamed up with Mathew and beat those people. Mathew tells Scott that he is from The League of Evil Exes, a villain group that dated Ramona Flowers before Scott.

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Mathew and Scott had a fight, Mathew used his power and Scott transferred to coins.


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