Do I Need To Watch ‘Extraction Part 1’ Before Watching ‘Extraction Part 2’? Are They Related?

Do In Need To Watch ‘Extraction Part 1’ Before Watching ‘Extraction Part 2’? Are They Realted ?: Chris Hemsworth’s action thriller film Extraction is back with yet another sequel, Extraction 2, which is now streaming on Netflix. Part 1 of the film was amazing and loved by the audience. Now, Part 2 of the film is streaming globally on Netflix.

There are many who are asking about the connection between Extraction 1 and Extraction 2. Many of you were also asking if they need to watch Part 1 before watching it and many more questions like this.

Jumping directly to the answer, NO, you don’t need to watch Part 1 to watch Part 2 of Extraction. Both parts have different stories, and they are not related to each other. Even if you start watching from Part 2, you will get to know the story as Part 2 deals with a different story.

Part 2 also has a small recap of Part 1, which will clear all your doubts regarding the film. Although the characters of the film are the same, you may need some extra time to get to know them.

Hope this clears all your doubts. Let us know if you have any questions related to the film. Don’t miss the review of the film in our review section.


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