Adipurush Review: A few months back, Ranbir Kapoor’s Brahmastra was released on the big screens, and honestly speaking, I didn’t like it that much. But now, I have immense respect for the team of Brahmastra. Honestly, from today onwards, I also have great and immense respect for Ramanand Sagar for making such a creative story on a very low budget and with minimal available resources.

Adipurush, starring Prabhas, Kriti Sanon, Sunny Singh, and Saif Ali Khan, was released today on the big screens. The film’s opening is bumper, and the first day is going to be huge. I just finished watching the film, and here is a detailed review.

The story of Adipurush starts directly from the ‘Sita Haran’ (Sita Kidnapping) and goes on till the killing of Ravan. There are some improvements and changes in the story, and to some extent, I have no issues with it.

Kriti Sanon is just stunning, and she is the biggest thing in the film. She nailed it in the role of Janki, and she gives us peaceful vibes. Sunny Singh as Lakshman aka Shershta was also good, and I liked his performance. Prabhas as Sri Ram was average, and all the credit goes to the writing of his character. We get to see an aggressive and violent ‘Raghav,’ which never gives that feeling, and you are going to lose that emotional connection very soon. Saif Ali Khan as Ravan tried his best to look good and make an impact, but he fails to do so.

Coming to the VFX of the film, the scenes used in the songs were just mind-blowing, and they are wow. You are going to love those for sure. The VFX in the fight sequences was very poor. The climax looks terrible and it resembles more of a video game. Prabhas was fighting with the Ravan Army on the rooftop, and it looks like it was a GTV game. The VFX in the Janaki Haran scene was also bad; however, I liked that Jatau sequence. In the last few minutes, the VFX was slightly better, but the damage was already done.

So, everyone thought the VFX to be the weakest part of the film, but the makers were one step ahead of us. The worst part of the film was the dialogue. I don’t know how Om Raut, or Prabhas, or even the actor playing Hanuman approves of those dialogues. All the dialogues are just pathetic, and you are going to hate them so much that they will spoil the emotional and devotional vibe of the film.

Here are a few dialogues:

‘Tel (Oil) Tere Baap Ka, Kapda Tere Baap Ka, To Lanka Bhi Tere Baap Ki Jalegi.’ Can you believe this dialogue was for Hanuman Ji? WTF! There is one more, ‘Ye Tere Bua Ka Bagicha Nahi hai,’ and there are many like this. While listening to these, I thought I was watching some B-graded, poorly dubbed South Indian film.

The songs and BGM were amazing, and they are the only things worth watching and listening to. I’m not sure, but many of you will not agree with Meghnath Killing too.

I am giving the film 1 out of 5 stars. The film is just the worst, and nothing can be worse than this. The dialogues are cringe-worthy, the VFX is poor, and the film is a 500 Crores disaster. Prabhas, Kriti, Sunny, Saif, and everyone in the film deserve better, and ‘Ramayan’ deserves a much better modern adaptation than this.

This was our Adipurush review. What do you think about the film? Please let us know in the comments. For more news, updates, reviews, and other details, stay tuned with us.



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