Death and Other Details Episode 6: Hulu presents a crime thriller investigation show. The show is happening around a cruise ship. A sudden murder of a wealthy man inside the cruise ship revealing hidden secrets of everyone’s past, makes the core plot of the show. The show is a package of thrilling and engaging elements all over.

The sixth episode opens with a flashback from the year 1992. Little Imogene is shown watching a television show. The world’s greatest detective Rufus Coteworth was seen talking on a live show. Little Imogene was impressed after watching his television show.

Death and Other Details Episode 6

In the present, Imogene Scott and Sunil were seen making out for some time inside the room. They both had good intimate moments for the first time. On the other side, Rufus Coteworth, Leila, and Teddy were looking at the whereabouts of Viktor Sams.

Winnie and Jules had a conversation about the incident on the ship. She explained the purpose of making a new world by demolishing filthy rich people. Jules told her that Keith is not a rich man, he is just a middle-class man working for Rufus Coteworth as a private detective. Winnie thought he was a filthy rich man and killed him after the orders of Viktor Sams.

At the same time, Rufus and Imogene had a meet-up to discuss about Viktor Sams, Rufus conveyed that Sunil is somehow connected with Viktor. Imogene was shocked and visited his room and found him talking to Viktor Sams. She and Rufus tied up Sunil on a chair and kept asking questions.

Sunil went bankrupt long ago, Viktor sams funded him to build up his ship ,at first he didn’t ask any favours from Sunil except a hidden storage room inside the ship. Later, after years, Viktor sams started giving orders when the Collier family booked the ship for the vacation. Viktor sams was blackmailing everyone with their private materials. Governor Alexandra meets Agent Hilde and offers proof on Lawrence Collier’s dirty secrets. But the file was full of blank pages. Suddenly, the governor started to collapse and coughed blood. Later, Imogene and Rufus find out that, it was executed by Winnie, three days before itself.

Rufus, Imogene and Teddy met Winnie to interrogate her about Governer’s death. Winnie told them a story about her friend who died because of a greedy factory owner, only Viktor Sams helped her at that time to avenge her friend’s death. That’s why she is loyal to him and he used call her on a secret phone. Meanwhile, Leila hacked into Viktor sams server and found out folders of everyone on the ship, she saw her wife having sex with Eleanor. Suddenly the power went down made the whole ship into a power shortage.

Imogene went to Anna’s room and told that her factory in China used captionem blue, which killed many people. Anna claims she rebuilt the whole factory because of that and she company lost everything as a result. Anna reveals she knows Imogene has been stealing from the company and called her an ungrateful bitch. Meanwhile, at the same time, Llewellyn has climbed over the ship’s railing and said Imogene’s mom deserved better and blamed Rufus for not solving the case.

In the end of the sixth episode, Llewellyn jumped into the ocean in front of Imogene and others. Rufus confessed that he bluffed a lot about himself as the greatest detective, but actually, he did many fraud works. Imogene told him that she would find out the truth sooner.

Overall the sixth episode didn’t reveal much truths or twists like last episodes. Still the episode was pretty much engaging. Sunil’s involvement with Victor Sams were predictable before this episode itself. Let’s wait for the next episode to see more truth about Viktor Sams.

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