Eternals Characters Powers And Names: Eternals is all set to make your Diwali blockbuster, the much-awaited film of Marvel is all set to release worldwide this Diwali, the film is all set to release on Big Screens from 5th November 2021, Many of the readers were asking about the detailed post on Eternal characters, Actors and the powers they have, here in the post we are going to tell about the names, characters, and their powers.

The film is directed by Chloé Zhao and written by Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo, the music of the film is composed by Ramin Dajwadi, the film is all set to release on Big Screens From 5th November 2021 worldwide. The movie will release In English, Hindi, and many other major languages.


Ikaris Played By Richard Madden is narrated as “all-powerful” In the Eternals Plot. He is The Second Most Strongest Eternal and he signed it in the Latest Eternals Trailer. The Trailer Consists of Shots of IKARIS Flying Towards The Deviant Creature, which summarizes His Abilities.

His Abilities consist of Flying, Firing Energy Beams From His Eyes, and Super strength Making him The Superman of The Marvel Cinematic Universe. Madden confirms his character doesn’t have full control over his ability making it the biggest challenge for the actor to look seamless on screen.


Sersi has the ability to manipulate matter on a foremost major scale, which she surpasses the other Eternals. Her consistent ability is to manipulate the molecules of a particular object and reshape it in whatever way she likes it.

Sersi nurtures the great potential for destruction. The Two Eternals Trailer offers several scenes of Chan’s Character using her powers. The First one shows Sersu irrigating the barren soil with water, and the second is when she turns a turning bus into several rose petals. it seems Gemma Chan’s character can only alter nonliving matter, which she suggests is a “useful and good thing” Which gives us a hint, that she’ll be using this ability a lot in the final cut of the film.


Ajak played by Salma Hayek has the powers of an average Eternal but has powers entirely different from others. Ajak was a male character in the comics, but his gender was changed in the Upcoming Eternals Film in order to keep the idea fresh.

Ajak Has The Power to communicate with their Creators The Celestials. This gives her the importance and makes him the most essential character in The Eternals Team. As The Celestials Visit The Earth Or Regular Intervals, This ability might be the reason why Ajak is chosen to be the leader Of The Eternals In The MCU.

In The Second Eternals Trailer Hayek’s Character is shown gathering the Team Near the Eternals Statue, which depicts her power of communication. Ajak ‘s Power also consists of Harnessing Matter Manipulation for unknown purposes. As Suggested by her plant collection, Ajak will channel her expertise into Herbal and Generation Medicine, Making her the Healing Master of The Team.


Druig’s Powers and Abilities Are Comparable to The Eternals, but with the exception of one ability, To possess great control over telepathy. He Has a Lot Of experience in manipulation and mind-reading arene. Mind Control is an ability that is considered Dangerous in Eternals. Druigs ability allows him to mentally force people to do things beyond their will. This Particular Character Has Betrayed The Eternals Team a Lot In The Comics, Which we might see him doing in the Upcoming Marvel Film.

Black Knight

Kit Harrington’s Black Knight Is not Originally a part of The Eternals Team, nor we will be seeing him as a member of the Eternals In The Film. Still, it Will Be A Huge part of the Film, appealing in a Romantic Relationship With Sersi and Might Be Helping The Eternals In some scientific Intellectual.

Beyond Taking Ebony Blade’s Ownership, Dane took the Mantle Of Black Knight. In The Disguise, he inherited several magical senses, super-enhanced strength, speed, etc. to go with his considerable swordsmanship. With these strengths, he joined The Avengers Team. It’s obscure in the Eternals trailer whether his character has taken up the mantle of The Black Knight or will assist the Eternals Team with the scientific offering.


Thena played by Angelina Jolie Is presumed to be the “fierce warrior” which is a lethal description of the daughter of Zuras. Thena’s power consists of manipulating the energy to several kinds of weaponry, her favorite being a golden spear and crossbow firing energy. The Eternals Trailer shows multiple aesthetical shots of Thena engaging in Severe training throughout centuries. The fashionable energy manipulation shows the preparedness of the warrior with a sword. Which she was seen using against both Gilgamesh and a Deviant Creature in the trailer.

The One Time Eternals Leader Is also Shown To Have Some Romantic or Biological relationship with the supposed villain of the film Kro, which is why the film was Rated R in countries like Russia, so we can expect to see some intimate scenes between the two. Jolie Confirms that As Thena’s Powers Were made using CGI, she went into a lot of training in order to make the characters Realistic.


Sprite Played By Lia McHugh’s is one of the three male Eternals characters to be Gender Swapped, the other two being Ajak and Makkari. Despite The Immortal Ability of Sprite, Her Physical appearance looks like a teenage child.

Sprite’s power is average in other aspects except, in matter manipulation which is Not as Good As Sersi. Her Powers are not dissimilar to The God Of Mischief. Sprites powers are Loki Like but revolve are Illusions. In The Trailer, Sprite is Seen Using Her Powers To Entertain a Human Audience by Creating Fireworks. Other Sprite Powers Include cloning, during the Eternals Camden bus scene and when the gang appears from narrow air. Considering this scene, her powers will be distributed throughout the film in several interesting ways.


Kingo played by Kumail Nanjiani has a very limited appearance in the Comics, so the limits of his powers are unknown. His skills in swordsmanship distinguish him from the other Eternals. Nanjiani’s character is portrayed as a Bollywood movie star, as in the trailer, it’s not clear whether he will share his interest in swordsmanship. But his abilities consist of firing cosmic energy through his projectile blasts. The second Eternals Trailer shows Kingo firing bolts from his fingers and taking down the closeby Deviant. Nanjiani reveals he had to take martial arts and dance lessons in order to fully realize how Kingo would use his powers and body movements.


Phastos played by Brian Tyree Henry has the ability to create technology weaponry, which he produces with his mind and energy powers. Synopsis of the Eternals Film Reveals Brian’s Character Will be an inventor just like the pages of comic books. Phastos is seen using his powers to summon the Eternals Ship from a Sandy Parking Spot. He is Also Seen Inventing something on the Eternals Ship Which Turns Into The Marvel Studios Logo. It will be compelling to watch him in battle as he resembles anything from his technology.


Gilgamesh Played By Don Lee is One Of The Most Powerful Eternal, Is Earthly Based, and is Considered To Be Stronger Than Ikaris. When it comes to strength he ranks near the top of Marvel Comics Universe and is on The Same Level As Thor. Keeping His Apparent Skills In The Kitchen Aside, Gilgamesh uses his cosmic energy in Hand To Hand action. Don Lee Trained In Boxing For His Upcoming Appearance In The Eternals. The Character Also Has a One Punch Man Move that he will be using in the film with Superhuman Strength.


Lauren Ridloff Playing Makkari is confirmed to have Superspeed in The Eternals. In The Comics Makkari’s Character spends a Bulk of Time Improving His Speed. His Ambition Is to Become The Fastest in The Universe and surprisingly He Outran Quicksilver in the comics. Makkari’s powers were demonstrated a lot in The Eternals Trailer. Ridloff’s character was seen saving someone from being squeezed by a collapsing idol. As She Runs a Golden Energy Is Seen Vacate Her body. It’s The Way which Makkari utilizes her speed as a weapon that will be the most majestic feature of Her capacity to spectate.

So these were the Eternals Characters Powers And Names, what are your thoughts about it and which one is your favorite among all, Please let us know in the comment section.


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