Emma And Aldon Ended Up Together In ‘Fubar’?: Netflix’s original series Fubar, which was released a few days ago, also sheds light on the complications in relationships, especially from the perspective of spies and agents. The show depicts how agents’ private lives are brutally damaged or complicated during their tasks. One such character facing serious relationship issues was Emma.

She had to make tough choices in her relationship. She wanted to keep things as good as possible, but she ended up making things even messier, and her relationship was on the verge of ending. Here, we will discuss Emma’s life and her relationship status after the conclusion of the show.

Does she end up with Carter?

One thing is clear: she broke up with Carter, and they are no longer together. Carter started dating someone else, and based on their conversation in the last few moments of the show, it is evident that they have both moved on, and there is no chance of them getting back together. So, one thing is clear: Emma doesn’t end up with Carter.

Emma and Aldon, do they end up together?

Another character in the show who was in love with Emma was Aldon. We see how he cares for her and loves her. Emma also had feelings for him initially, but her relationship with Carter was preventing her from getting into a relationship with Aldon. When Emma broke up with Carter and expressed her desire to be with Aldon, he rejected the proposal and said he didn’t want to be a second option for her.

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Although nothing is clear in Season 1, I am pretty sure that they both have feelings for each other and if a new season comes, we will surely see them together. They both care for each other and have a love for each other.

To summarize, in Season 1 of Fubar, Emma ends up with no one. However, we are confident that Emma and Aldon will be together in Season 2 for sure.

This was our take on Emma and Aldon’s relationship in the Netflix original show ‘Fubar.’ What is your take on this? Please let us know in the comments.



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  1. They’re destined for each other! She needs someone strong, like Aldon. He needs someone that will calm his restless heart. Emma stole his ❤️.

  2. Emma loves Carter. In about for more than 6 months, she has no been with Aldon. So if Carter pardon her, it is possible that Carter and Emma be toguether.

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