Who Is Tina In ‘Fubar’?: Whenever I saw a character with no flaws and some extra goodness, I always doubted them, and the same happened to me when I saw the character of Tina in the Netflix original series ‘Fubar.’ The first season of the show ended, leaving us with many questions. Here, I will try to answer all your questions one by one.

One of the most asked and talked-about questions about the show is the character of Tina. The character of Tina is Played by ‘Aparna Brielle’. Many of you were asking about Tina and her role in the show after watching the last few minutes of the last episode of Season 1 of Fubar.

If you are one of those who missed it and can’t recall the last few minutes, here is a small recap of the show. In the final moments, we see that Boro is dead, and now the mission is completed. Luke’s wife is planning for a second marriage with her love, and Emma and her whole family are in the church for wedding preparations.

In the midst of all this, an attack happens on the church, and we see a few gunmen attacking and firing at the family. Emma takes her gun and starts counter-firing. Luke also joins the battle, and they both start killing the goons. In another scene, we see Tina receiving a call on her phone, which she hangs up quickly, speaking in Russian. This raises a question about Tina. Who was she? Was she a Russian undercover spy agent, or something else?

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One thing is clear: Tina is from Russia, and she knows Russian very well. There is a high chance that she was a spy from Russia and was working undercover. In the last few moments, we also see her sending a van where all the members board and no one knows where they are going. There is a huge possibility that they have been kidnapped by her, and in the next season, we are going to see the CIA team fighting against Russian spies.

Another reason to believe that she was somehow connected to the Russian government was the input she used to give. She used to provide some shocking and mind-blowing information that even the CIA and other US security agencies were unaware of. There is a high possibility that she is an undercover Russian spy and was leaking and transferring information to Russian spy agents.

Season 2 is going to have some shocking events. It will be interesting to see Barry’s reaction to this, and it will also be fascinating to see how the team fights in this situation, as there is a high chance that they have been kidnapped.

This was all about Tina from Fubar, what is your take on this? Have you seen season 1 ?, Please let us know in the comments. For more news and updates, stay tuned with us.


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  1. In episode 6 minute 38:11 the SVR agent said they have a mole in the CIA called “Songbird”


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