Elton Carter And Tasia Carter Now: (David Carter Father and Sister Now): Netflix’s “Unsolved Mysteries: Body In Bags,” tells us about the gruesome murder of David Carter who was not a successful professional but also a loving father. He was loved by all and he had the same loving and friendly relationship with his son as he did with his father.

The Episode focuses on what happened and how David’s family dealt with the whole tragedy. If you’re curious to know what happened to his father and his sister who went to his apartment the first to investigate, here’s what we know

After David did not show up for work for three days, his co-worker Roger Davis called David’s sister Tasia Carter-Jackson. The sister who hadn’t seen David after DJ’s football game with Tammy, went to his apartment with her husband when his cell phone wasn’t reachable and found the house unlocked which was a rare case for David.

In the bedroom, they found the bed was messy and noticed a red stain on the carpet and the mattress. Elton, David’s father noticed a bullet hole in the door closet and quickly involved the police in the matter.

The family soon realized their beloved David’s fate when his dismembered body parts were found along the highway on different days, first, his lower torso and legs were discovered and then his head in a duffel bag followed by his body in a suitcase. The family quickly suspected Tammy, David’s girlfriend because of her odd behavior and her not cooperating in the search for David.

Tammy was charged with David’s murder but without evidence, she was released after 3 days and since then she has been on the run.

Elton is a former Military Man who resides in Detroit, Michigan now and he specifically had a message for Tammy stating that she spares her family and them the grief of going through all this and turning herself in.

However, Tasia stated that Tammy’s arrest would bring the family some closure. She is married to Derrick Jackson Jr. and they live in Lincoln Park, Michigan, with their children. She’s a Licensed Practical Nurse and in her free time, explores her creative side by decorating and modifying tumblers.



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