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Raymond & Ray Ending Explained: Why Were They Asked To Dig The Grave?

Raymond & Ray Ending Explained: AppleTV+ has released their brand-new original film titled “Raymond & Ray” starring Ewan McGregor & Ethan Hawke telling the story of two half-brothers who shared the common pain of their traumatic childhood at the hands of their abusive father and when they find out that he died, both are asked to attend the funeral and the last wishes of their father baffle them and what befalls them is funny and therapeutic in nature.

If you’ve watched the film and have a couple of questions, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Something About The Two Brothers

Raymond & Ray are two brothers who’ve been abused by their father in their childhood as he used to constantly belittle and beat them and due to that, they’ve carried those feelings with them into their middle-aged lives. Ray had it the hardest because he became a heroin addict and he found someone who turned his life around she died as well which made Ray come to level 0 back again.

On the other hand, Raymond has been divorced twice and separated once and has a son who’s in the army but from the looks of his mentions in the film, he doesn’t seem to be having a good relationship with him. While Raymond seems to be having a normal life and works in the Water Treatment Plant but thinks it’s not too exciting while Ray seems to be switching between jobs and is currently, in construction.

His love for music was forcefully put an end by his father by constantly nagging him that he was talentless to the point that Ray started questioning himself for it so much that he stopped playing Jazz.

Why Were They Called To The Funeral?

When Ray & Raymond’s father Harris died, he left with him his belongings, some money, and some personal items but his last wish for him was that his sons attend his funeral, and in homage to their Tongan roots, he wants his sons to dig his grave on their own, without machinery but only shovel followed by lowering the casket into the ground and cover the grave again.

Do They Successfully Dig The Grave?

Well, they do but here’s the funny part. Since, Ray & Raymond were half-brothers meaning both shared different moms, while they were shoveling, they found out that Harris, their father had another child of 10-ish which he fathered when he was 60.

Then, another two guys came who were also Harris’s children as well, meaning Ray & Raymond has 3 brothers apart from themselves which is funny given their last wish of Harris which was for his sons to dig his grave, and well, all came creating a situation for all the brothers to meet for the first time ever.

Did The Father Leave Any Note For The Children?

After Harris, the father dies, he leaves his little money to the two brothers and his personal belongings divided equally between his sons. But after the sons cover the grave after digging it up and lowering the casket, Reverend West, a friend of Harris gives them handwritten letters to the sons and at the end of the movie, Raymond & Ray read what it says.

Raymond’s letter contains an apology for being so harsh during his childhood and that he also had his own demons which is not an excuse for being like that. He also makes a revelation that Ray is not his child, meaning technically both of them, Ray & Raymond are not half-brothers, and trusts Raymond to do well with that information.

Ray’s letter doesn’t have much but that he was a golden boy and Harris never knew what to do with him.

What Happens In The End?

Well, in the end, Ray goes to meet Raymond who is staying at Lucia’s house and comes to meet him in his underwear. Ray points out if Raymond had sex with Lucia who was Harris, his father’s ex-wife, to which Raymond smiles, and then both of them joke about it.

Ray leaving asks Raymond about the mysteriousness of their father and Raymond says to talk about it this weekend and then he leaves. The last scene is when we can see Ray driving.



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