‘Echo’ Series Episode 1: Much-awaited Marvel Series ‘Echo’ is now streaming with 5 Episodes on Disney+Hotstar. The Episodes are around 30-35 minutes long, and here goes the recap and ending explanation of the episodes. The show is now streaming in Hindi, English, and some other versions.

Episode 1 of the show starts with a backstory where we get to see that a lady with a few people from her community gets stuck inside a cave. They were from the Choctaw community, and they were not human. When the cave collapses, that lady somehow manages to save everyone, and they turn into human beings, and they are on Earth now.

The story now jumps to the present, and we get introduced to two characters, Maya and Bonnie. Maya can’t speak from birth, and she uses sign language to communicate. These two girls are neighbors, and they have a great bond between them. One night, Maya’s mother got killed in a car accident, and Maya also lost her legs. The next day, Maya’s father takes her to New York, and there he trains her well. Maya learns Kickboxing, Judo, and everything.

One night, when Maya returns to her home, she sees that someone has killed her father, and she is shocked and saddened.

Maya tries to steal a bike, but she gets arrested by the police, and here we get introduced to another character named Fisk who saves her from the police. Fisk then tells Maya that his dad was also killed when he was 12.

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Fisk asks her to do some work, and Maya goes on a small mission where she kills a few men, Fisk then says that he will find the killers of her father if she keeps working for them. Here we get to see the scene from the Hawkeye series where we get to see that Clint Barton is fighting with Maya. During a fight, a Clint tells Maya that her father was killed by Fisk, and it was Fisk who planned her dad’s murder. Maya returns back and kills Fisk.

After killing Fisk, Maya returns to her childhood house where she and Bonnie used to live. In the morning, when Maya wakes up, she feels someone is at the door, and Maya looks up and sees that it is ‘Biscuits’. Maya tells Biscuit not to tell anything about her arrival.

Maya goes to a skating club, and there she meets Henry, and there Maya gets treatment with a doctor named Gretchen. Maya is now keeping an eye on Fisk Company with the help of Henry. Henry says that he is not going to help her from here because he doesn’t want to mess with Kingpin and Fisk. In the last few minutes of Episode 1, we get to see that Fisk is still alive, and he is in the hospital, and he was shot in the eye.

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Episode 1 was good as of now, but the story looks slow and old. The show needs some great twists and turns to make it more happening.



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