Grace In “The Brothers Sun” Actress Name: “The Brothers Sun” is an American action thriller comedy-drama series directed by Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu. It follows the story around the Sun family, where the scene shifts to Charles Sun, the father, being shot by a gun and ending up in a coma. His son’s mission is to save his family, as depicted in this show.

In this article, I will cover all the details about the important female lead in the show named Grace. I will cover all the details and twists about her in this article.

In this show, Grace is a college girl living her college life in Los Angeles. She is an antagonist and works as a protagonist for a long time before we find out about her involvement in the criminal Triads of Taipei, located in Taiwan. Her mission is to connect with the Sun’s youngest son.

We find that she meets with Bruce in college, shows some interest in him, and discovers that they share their family history. She expresses interest in his improv program and is willing to attend that program. She takes Bruce to the youth center where we see her volunteering, and later we find out that this is a major location for operations.

As the story progresses, we find that she is a part of the Boxers’ operations, and her mission is to wipe out all the triads where her family was illegally migrated. We see that her father demands freedom and more, and we find that she wants to make a deal with the Big Sun and be connected with them.

In this show, Madison Hu plays the role of Grace, and we have already seen her in different popular movies and shows, including “The Kicks,” “Robot Chicken,” “The Boogeyman,” and more. These are all the details about the character named Grace.

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