‘Echo’ Series Episode 2: Episode 1 of the show was decent enough, but the cameo of Clint Barton makes the show more interesting. One thing is for sure; the show is following the same timeline. Here we are covering the episode-wise recap and summary of the show, and here goes the recap and ending explanation of Episode 2 of the show.

Episode 2 of the show starts with the backstory again, where we get to see a Baseball-like match between the two communities.

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The story jumps to the present again, where we get to see that Maya gives him a shopping list and asks to bring some things from the market. On the other hand, Maya’s grandmother Chula gets to know that Maya is here, and she meets Henry and asks him to keep Maya away from Bonnie and her family.

In the night, Maaya takes Biscuits along with her, and she jumps on a container train and asks Biscuits to follow her through a tracker. Maya enters inside the train and gets some pictures and videos of the things inside the train. Meanwhile, while returning, Maya’s leg got stuck in the train connector, but Maya manages to push that connector with her hand, and there she realizes that she has power.

On the other hand, when the shipment of the train reaches the warehouse, we get to see a series of blasts in the warehouse, and everything goes boom. It was Maya who planted the bomb in the compartment. Henry gets to know that it was Maya who did this; Maya says that it’s payback time.

By mistake, Biscuits tells Bonnie that Maya is here, and Episode 2 ends here.

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