Do Lex And Mani Break Up After Lex Drops The Baby?: HULU’s Original Film titled “The Drop” tells the story of a married couple who is trying to conceive and is about to go on a vacation with their friends and also attend their friend’s marriage.

What was supposed to be a chill and relaxed vacation turns out to be an eye-opener for everyone as Lex drops the baby right after their arrival at the airport which starts off a chain reaction exposing the weirdness everyone else has brought with them.

However, one of the main questions that arise is that was the couple who is trying to conceive was able to come through with this incident after their partner drops the baby onto the floor. Here’s an answer to that.

Do Lex and Mani Break Up?

Right after their arrival at the airport, Mani plays with the baby and then gives it to Lex to play with and Lex ends up dropping the baby on the floor. She tells Mani that a very big bee stung her and in response to that excruciating pain, she dropped the baby which turns out to be a lie she confesses that she heard a sound of a bee which scared her and she dropped the baby.

The couple does a heart to heart after Mani leaves in the middle of their performance in the rehearsal dinner and Lex tells him that she isn’t ready to be a mother and it is all that Mani wants, to have a family and she cannot give it to him right now. She suggests that it would be best for them to break up instead.

However, this doesn’t end right here. Mani is very depressed after hearing this and he sleeps on the beach where two native people who only speak Spanish. Mani tells them that her wife broke up with him and the native understood is if her wife got eaten by a shark in the ocean and they take Mani with him to their home.

Mani spends the night there and while talking to the people who do not know English, he realizes a lot of things about his life that he had seemed to ignore. He says that loving Lex is the easiest thing he’s done in his life and the next morning he realizes that he wants to be with Lex and runs to the resort. Lex, on the other hand, is concerned about Mani who has been gone since yesterday and isn’t leaving without him.

Mani finds Lex and the two talk about family and how Mani had been indirectly pressurizing Lex to be the most important thing in the world. They come to terms with the reality that Lex isn’t ready to be a mother and Mani tells her that it’s okay and that having a baby isn’t the only thing to having a family.

However, Lex does end up getting pregnant and the film ends with a water birth.

The Drop is currently streaming on HULU in English.



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