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The Drop Ending Explained: Why Does Lex Drop The Baby?

The Drop Ending Explained: HULU’s NEW Original Movie titled “The Drop” is an Indie-Dramedy that tells the story of Lex and Mani, a married couple who is on their vacation while also attending the wedding of one of their friends.

What happens right after their arrival at the airport is that Lex takes the baby into her hands and accidentally drops it onto the concrete floor which starts off a chain reaction for all their friends and these hilariously weird events make up for the rest of the film. Here are some questions that you might have about the movie.

Why Does Lex Drop The Baby?

Lex and Mani are a couple who have been married for some time and they are trying to conceive as well. Now, Mani is ready to be a father and Lex also believes that he would be a great one after their arrival at the airport, Mani takes the baby and plays with her but when Lex takes the baby, what happens is she hears a bee sound and gets scared of the bee so much that she forgets she has a baby in her arms and drops the baby onto the floor.

Now, the baby is attended by a cranial pediatrician, and just a hat for a few months is all that it needed but then it starts off a deeper conversation about the couple who is trying for a baby.

Lex, on the other hand, lies about the bee and tells Mani that a very big bee stung her and in response to that excruciating pain she dropped the baby which turns out to be a lie when she comes clean to Mani that it was just a bee sound that she got afraid of and dropped the baby.

It is also worth noting that Lex had been pretty hard on herself after she had dropped the baby but when the baby arrives the next day all good, she takes the baby into her arms while playing with the burps on her face.

The DROP is currently streaming on HULU in the English Language.



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