Gannibal Episode 1 & 2 Recap, Summary, Ending Explained: Gannibal, a new Japanese Drama has been released on Disney+ recently with the first two Episodes released in the first week, Starring Yagira Yuya, Kasamatsu Sho, and Yoshioka Riho along with other characters.

The drama tells the story of a police officer who gets posted to a remote village with a tight-knit community in the countryside and while everyone seems very friendly and nice, he realizes that something horrifying is going on there and realizes that he’s in a community of cannibals. If you’re curious about the ending of the first two Episodes, you’re at the right place.

Gannibal Recap Episodes 1 & 2

Agawa Daigo has been transferred to the remote village of Kuge after an incident during his last posting. He’s been sent there as a Chuzai (Residential Police) after the previous one goes missing. He arrives with his family of two, his wife and daughter. We get to know that the previous incident has left quite an impression on his daughter who has gone silent and they decide that this move to the countryside would be good for their daughter Mashiro as well.

They are welcomed very warmly by the village folk and they give him a tour but it abruptly ends when Keisuke Goto takes him to the dead body of Goto Gin, their family member whose limbs have been torn apart and the body has been eaten to some extent.

Men from Goto Family are also present there and inform Daigo that it is the work of a bear which he doesn’t believe and tries to investigate but is forced to believe that it is the work of a bear forcefully. Goto Family is a powerful family in the village of Kuge and his supervisor warns him, especially about them.

Recap1923 Episode 2 Recap, Summary & Ending Explained

Mashiro, Daigo’s daughter wanders at night to the forest and finds a man eating a human body after seeing Mashiro he comes straight to her. Mashiro offers him candy and that man takes it and in return, he gives her a finger of the dead body that he was eating. Mashiro, unhurt by that man is found by her mother Yuki and that night, Mashiro gives that finger to his father who is surprised and sends that finger for testing.

Daigo slowly gets to realize that the previous Chuzai’s disappearance might not be what he was informed about when he finds the previous Chuzai’s daughter coming to the village during the funeral of Goto Gin, the old woman whose body was found in the hills.

The Ending

Daigo is informed by the girl that the Goto family practice endocannibalism where they eat the body of their dead family members after dropping the girl at the railway station, he goes to the main house of the Goto Family to question them and get the answers.

There, he meets the Goto Family members who threaten him, and after all of them fight together, Daigo arrests them while he’s taking them to the Police Station, the townspeople come to him and apologize to him and ask him not to take them to the Police Station. They also mention that “That Man” will settle the scores by talking about the man Mashiro encountered in the forest at night.

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Right after that moment, Daigo is attacked by “That Man” and is hurt and we see him getting dragged somewhere. At the same time, the Goto Family members are at the Police Station where Mashiro and Yuki are present and are being threatened.



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