Did ‘Sa Woo’ Become Delivery Man ? : Netflix original Presents A South Korean Sci-Fi series which is currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi, English,Korean language along with subtitles. Before knowing the answer, let’s have a overview of the story.

This South Korean Sci-Fi series is based on dystopian future world which is almost destroyed by pollution,in this situation a survival tale of left people who are trying to alive by depending on elite delivery drivers known as Black Knight .

Sa-Wol is a another lead Character of the saw. He is powerful as wel as cleaver too that’s why always wanted to be a Deliveryman to help people by supplying foods and oxygen. One day he met with legendary Knight 5-8 who make him more inspired. But things are soon messed up when he lost his younger sister.

After than his friends are informed him to join the selection compition but for this he needs more training. Soon he joined with 5-8 for training , A hard-core training makes him more powerful as well as fast. He also have a advantage as he is actually a mutan he is totally different than other human on the basis of strength.

Soon he got a name ” Refugee 034 ” for the compitition. The first round he have to survive whole Oxygen gradually decreased, secon round is a car race where he have to save supply as well as survive from the Hunters. He succesfully win two match but in the last match as he helped a Girl he got disqualified. But, luckily that girl Denied to Play final as her hand broken. The final round was a boxing match between A former Soilder Joo-Gyeong-nam & Refugee 034 Sa-Wol. A hard-core fight scene make Sa-Wol winner in the Game. This is how he passed and became a Delivery man he got a tag 5-7 .

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This is how Sa-Wol passed in the competition and became a delivery man what he wanted to be from the childhood. He also got a tag 5-7, hope your quarries are cleared incase if you any doubts ask in the comment section.



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