Ryu Seok Dead Or Alive In ‘Black Knight’?: Based on the Webtoon with same name , this Netflix south Korean series Black Knight currently streaming now in Netflix with Hindi, English ,Korean language along with subtitles.

Before discussing about the answer let’s know the overview of the series.This South Korean Sci-Fi series is based on dystopian future world which is almost destroyed by pollution,in this situation a survival tale of left people who are trying to alive by depending on elite delivery drivers known as Black Knight .

Mr. Ryu Seok is the son of of Mr Cheonmyeong, or chairman of Cheonmyeong group. In the whole series we saw how evil minded person he is. In the relocation plan he wasn’t wanted any Refugees so he starred killing them. On the other side 5-8 was egarly waiting for his revenge though he also tried to kill him by a sniper but failed. Later when Mr.Ryu kidnapped Sa-Wol, 5-8 already loose his coolness.

He planned to attack in core district aslo to kill Mr. Ryu. In a main office where the air core chamber is running, Mr. Ryu pulled up the lever and make it high power also he take Sa-Wol with him, as he wanted to destroyed everyone. Surprisingly 5-8 reached, a gunfight between them already started. And 5-8 managed to kill him.

So, in the series Ryu Seok already dead . This is everything about Ryu -Seok and how he died, if you still have any confusion ask in the comment section.



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